Friday, 1 May 2015

Truth seekers vindicated

It has been revealed today, that after a long and thorough investigation, spanning eight months, police have given the green light for those who don't believe the McCann's story, to continue their quest, safe in the knowledge that nothing they are doing is illegal. 

Leicestershire Police Assistant Chief Constable Roger Bannister, stated the following:

it was determined that none of the messages/postings constituted a prosecutable offence."

Thousands of people from all over the world regularly discuss the case of Madeleine McCann online every day. Madeleine disappeared whilst on holiday in May 2007. Despite a plethora of evidence pointing towards the McCann's involvement, culminating in both parents being named arguido in September of the same year, neither parent has been charged with any offence. Much to the disbelief of the vast majority of the public in Portugal, and indeed across the globe. 

Laid Bare spoke to a truth seeker, who was reluctant to give her true identity, for fear of reprisals by vicious trolls who support the McCanns, she had this to say:

"Today's news is a real boost to our morale, for years we have been smeared in the press, for wanting justice for Madeleine. It is inconceivable that the McCanns still walk free, we are used to them being protected by the press and Scotland Yard now, but we will keep going, and in light of today's  news, can do so knowing what we are doing is 100% legal"

When asked why our source felt the McCann's were guilty of covering up the death of their daughter, she gave a frank, and honest reply:

"Their are many reasons we believe the McCann's to be guilty, trained British police dogs alerted to the scent of death on Kate McCann, and all over the apartment they stayed in, Kate herself hampered the investigation into the disappearance of her daughter, by refusing to answer 48 questions put to her by police, statements by former friends of the McCanns that indicated one of the people they were on holiday with was a paedophile were held back by Leicestershire Police, and didn't reach Portugal until after the lead detective was no longer on the case. These people had a direct line to Gordon Brown, who sent out his head of media monitoring to act as a PR spokesman for the couple, he lied and fed stories to the media, sometimes changing what was said, in return for favourable treatment he would offer more stories. It's a totally obscene miscarriage of justice."

 The video of the dogs alerting can be viewed above. 
Our source went on to say that there wasn't a scrap of evidence that supported the McCann's claim that Madeleine was abducted by a stranger. That claim is backed up by Scotland Yard's efforts. A £10 million investigation, has left police no closer to charging anybody for abducting Madeleine than they were when enquiries started.

She went on to say:

"Although today has vindicated our actions somewhat, it has come too late for some. Brenda Leyland took her own life as a direct result of Sky News and the media, purporting her to be some kind of troll, without shame they still do that this to this day, despite her actions being deemed legal by the police. It's a disgrace, supporters of the McCanns tweeted messages to her directly, some included threats to rape, her, set fire to her home, and murder her."

Laid Bare has been told of a secret team of people who, under the name of Help To Find Madeleine, would plot to close down any youtube videos, groups, and articles containing evidence that pointed toward McCann involvement. These people are still actively trying to silence truth seekers to this very day, and many are friends with members of the McCann family. Next week we will expose some of the names behind the campaign. For now though, we shall take solace from what can only be described as a victory for truth and justice, but more importantly, we can all feel free to continue to do what the parents fail daily to do, to remember this is about Madeleine McCann, not protecting Kate and Gerry McCann, the parents who let their daughter down so badly, and whom will stop at nothing to silence the truth. 



  1. great post,needs to be posted every where

  2. The truth is getting closer

  3. You've hit the nail on the head, well done.

  4. I think you will find that members of the family are also involved. It seems fairly clear who was the anonymous woman with the big ankles by the pond in Edinburgh who prepared and presented the Dossier of death. The one whose voice had to be dubbed, as her own is so distinctive. The one who is married to a pervert who makes semi-pornographic pictures of scantily clad young women drowning in swamps or quicksand . . You know of whom I speak !

    1. Martin Brunt, aping his betters (Mulholland and Forster), would not disclose his source. Bernard Hogan Howe had already announced that it was a member of the McCann family. My guess is Philomena too; I wonder how this good, Christian, Roman Catholic, church-going woman feels about Brenda Leyland's suicide?