Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Trollspotting - Directed by Kate and Gerry McCann

The internet, home to some of the lowest forms of humanity. The media has long portrayed those who take to the net to question Kate and Gerry McCann's abduction tale as "vile trolls", but if they want to see the real scum of the earth, they should take a good hard look at those claiming to be on the web to find Madeleine, and support her family. Sounds crazy doesn't it. Surely someone who is there to help find Madeleine can't be a troll? I didn't say that though, I said these people claim to be here to help find Madeleine. The truth is however, that helping find Madeleine, is the furthest thing from their minds. Each day these people wake up, they pick up their devices, and they attack. They attack anybody who questions the many lies from the McCanns, or their PR media whore, Clarence Mitchell. Indeed Clarence Mitchell himself has admitted to using the services of a "team of supporters". He didn't say they campaigned to find Madeleine, he said "supporters". 

In many ways, these "supporters" emulate the actions of Kate and Gerry McCann themselves. They lie, they accuse, they threaten, they deflect, they damage the lives of others for their own selfish gain, and most notably, they rarely mention Madeleine. Take twitter, and the hashtag McCann for example, a hive for multiple accounts belonging to a very small (getting smaller), number of desperate people. A quick twitter search of the name "Madeleine" reveals some startling results. In the past 24 hours, those people that claim to be there for Madeleine, only mentioned her name 6 times. Of those 6 times, only 4 were direct appeals to the public, and by one account only. In stark contrast, one individual who claims he wants Madeleine brought home, spent his day, not doing a thing to further the search, but instead creating clone accounts of myself, and tweeting from them 39 times in a puerile attempt to troll me, adding #McCann to each of his tweets. Madeleine McCann was the furthest thought from his tiny mind, pathetic cowardice at the forefront. That very same man, runs several accounts, uses them on #McCann, and never, never, appeals for the safe return of Madeleine. Why? Because he's a sick troll, who uses the case of a missing 3 year old girl to get his kicks. Such is the extent of this man's trolling, and illegal activity, that he is too afraid to use his own name, as such a reward of £1,000 was recently offered, for information leading to his arrest. The face of that man is pictured below:
He isn't alone though. The McCanns have an uncanny knack of attracting the support of some of the sickest creatures on the face of the earth. In the days after Madeleine was reported missing, the couple, on more than one occasion, dined with, and introduced their two remaining children to a child rapist. Hardly surprising then, that their "support" consists of people who are apologists for child abuse, advocates for the age of consent to be lowered, and even people who excuse convicted child killers. Sick in the extreme. Again, a visit to twitter, will reveal the cataclysmic chasm between what the McCanns' "support team" actually claim to be on the internet for, and what they actually do.

In 2014, members of the McCanns' support team created a dossier. The sole intention of which was to cause as much damage to ordinary people who dared to question the McCanns' lies. The result of that dossier, was that twitter user, Brenda Leyland - aka Sweepyface, tragically took her own life. One pro McCann who has continually shown herself to be gleeful at the death of Brenda, is the particularly perverse parasite - Rebecca Sherlock.

Aside from Sherlock's massively misplaced vanity, this grotesque woman is also another charlatan who has an agenda quite the opposite from the one she professes. When Sherlock isn't tweeting selfies with more filters than a sleeve of Dot Cotton's fags, she can be seen goading and gloating over the suicide of Brenda Leyland. 

Days before the death of Brenda, Sherlock tweeted the following, all in the name of Madeleine McCann of course:
Now Sherlock will claim the tweet was taken out of context, but given that Brenda was indeed doorstepped by Sky News' Martin Brunt, only 4 days later, and was found dead only 2 days after that, there can be no escaping the context of the next sickening tweet the haggard hobgoblin chose to send. Only 20 days after Brenda's death (left). 

Sherlock even had the audacity to attend the inquest into Brenda's death, stating many times that she "fancied a day out". Enough of the miniature mongrel though, she cares for her talons more than she does for Madeleine - I want to move onto another anonymous account, one that goes by the name of "Michael Walker". 

The "Michael Walker" account, is yet another McCann fan, one who has amassed some 27,200 tweets in less than 2 years - and that's just from one of the accounts they use. The tweets are a mixture of repeated, and provable lies about the case, as well as smears on Portugal, Goncalo Amaral, the PJ, Martin Grime, the Portuguese courts, and of course threats, and vile accusations toward anybody who challenges the account. "Walker", is another who trolls on behalf of the McCanns, and can regularly be seen to accuse people of "kiddie fiddling", despite having no knowledge of who that person is, or their circumstances. He describes Portugal as "Pedville", because, well, because these sick minded protectors of Kate and Gerry, will attack not only the people that can see the McCanns lied, but will also seek to damage an entire country. 

Those lovely McCanns eh, due solely to their actions, their lies, and their warped followers, lies a trail of devastation 10 years long, and all the while barely a mention of Madeleine. If she were alive today, I'm sure she'd be utterly repulsed to see what her parents have caused, what they still cause, what they do nothing to stop, and how it is all done in her name.

And it is a trail that traces back 10 years. As early as the 4th May 2007, people who, through no fault of their own, but due to the McCanns lies, joined a group they thought would help find Madeleine. The stark reality however, was that the aim of the group had anything but Madeleine's interests at heart. The group had a very organised chain of command. People such as Janet Leeson, Maxine Harris, Karen McCalman, Leah Bothe, and of course, at the top, pulling the strings, and never far from the action - Michael Wright, orchestrated a campaign to bring down youtube videos - no matter if they were factual or not - that painted the McCanns in a bad light. The way they did this, was to use people who were genuinely concerned for Madeleine, and who, at the time, believed the McCanns to be innocent. 

Decent, honest people would be sent lists of youtube links, and asked to pass the details onto their friends via a mailing list. The videos would then be mass reported, and as a result, damning articles of evidence would be lost forever. 

As is the case with the Portuguese police files, translated at a cost of £100,000 from the fund, the McCanns were desperate that the public would have facts hidden from them. Again, these moves didn't have Madeleine at heart, the aim was to protect the parents. It's always been the aim from day one. 

Of course, the problem with hiding things, is that it arouses suspicion, as was the case with Wright's little group of puppeteers. Genuine members of the group began digging, and researching for themselves, much to the annoyance of the "leaders". So much for the title of the group, "Help To Find Madeleine". 

There have been many projects to keep a lid on the truth since, and to this day. The dossier was just one of many attempts to silence people - and how that backfired. Gerry was quick to demand an example be made, sadly, Brenda Leyland was that example. Yet do we see Gerry condemn the actions of their little band of trolls? Of course not, they act with the McCanns full knowledge, and blessing. If they didn't, you could be sure the McCanns could stop their supporters actions in a heartbeat. 

As I have mentioned several times, Madeleine couldn't be further from these trolls minds. If they had even the slightest care for her, if they believed she could be found, then where are the appeals, where is the organised fundraising, where are the trips to Morocco to find her, to Amsterdam? All we hear is a lot of noise about where the trolls are convinced she is, blurred images bandied about, and promises that that's where Madeleine is. 

If these people who sit at their keyboards, whilst drying their scabby nails, in between marathon troll-a-thons, truly believe Madeleine is alive, and is just waiting to be found, I wonder what they think she would make of them doing sweet FA to bring her home. 

Still, whilst they do nothing, at least Kate can reassure herself with the thought Madeleine will be "giving them her tuppenceworth", she can also reassure herself that their band of evil trolls will continue to leave a legacy of hatred, of suffering, and of spite.


  1. FORGET Heartbreaking . . .
    It's become, downright DISGUSTING, Vile & The 'Filthiest' of EVILS!

    (I just happened upon your 'Blog' this morning & I am, very MUCH enjoying the 'Read' of your past/previous Posts!)

    Thank you!
    For all the information you've provided.
    Along with the additional Links - Your clear, concise, PROPER & Thorough Writing . . . I find myself unable to leave & Continuing on, to the 'Next' available Post!
    It's looking like my Saturday has been 'Spoken For' & Quite honestly, I most definitely could use one of 'These' days! 😉
    ⚖ CptKD

  2. I often wonder when OG concludes will these individuals also have to face their own day in court for perverting the course of justice if it can be proven that they have been paid to write lies as surely this can not be legal. I believe this is why walker was allowed to post rubbish for so long and the others too. As this case is nearing an end the walker account has been suspended who knows what the future holds for these people who abuse in Madeleines name.

    I second the above comment, I like your writing style you are clear and stick to facts.