Wednesday, 23 August 2017

The McCanns' fraudulent fund, and a note of thanks to Tracey Kandohla

So we have another whopper to add to the ever growing list of lies from Kate and Gerry McCann. In what can only be described as a highly illegal con, the couple are now claiming, on their own facebook page, that they're a charity organisation. As we know, the fund isn't a charity, it's a Ltd company:

The page has seen a massive tumble in followers of late, hardly surprising when we look beneath the saintly exterior, and discover that the page is not as it seems. They are actively lying to people, in a desperate attempt to gather money from unsuspecting members of the public. Not only that, but they are also hiding facts of the case from their followers. 

Now why would they do that? Surely innocent parents would want people to see as much information as possible?

Cover-up, I hear you say. Without doubt. 

Earlier today, I decided to read the latest tosh from Tracey Kandohla. For those of you who haven't heard of Tracey, she is a firm friend of Kate McCann, an unscrupulous liar, and (shock), a journalist. Tracey has written a great number of articles on the case, all totally biased, most containing lies, and all on behalf of her friends - the McCanns. So you can better understand what I'm about to write, here is the link to Kandohla's latest article:

To quote the headline:

"Maddie's parents urge vile trolls to stop 'awful and upsetting abuse' on their own website as they back new rules BANNING criticism of decision to leave her alone in apartment"

Serial liar Kandohla just can't help herself. This isn't a new thing at all, in fact the condescending rule has been in place for many years, as the screenshot below proves:

"We don't care what you think about leaving children alone. It's been eight years, let it go already! Posting your perfect parent advice will be deleted and you will be banned."

So, not a new rule at all. In fact that rule goes back even further than the two years I have provided the screenshot for. 

However, it's not just the above that the McCanns, and the people behind the OFM page will ban members of the public for, and here's where things get deeper. 

The McCanns spent £100,000 of monies donated to the fraudulent fund, on getting the PJ files translated from Portuguese, into English. Those files contain statements taken by police, potential sightings, forensic evidence, photographs, and much, much more. Yet, the McCanns have never released their version, or promoted them, despite the fact that Operation Grange used them for their initial review of the case, despite the fact the McCanns didn't use their own money, but that of members of the public, and most importantly - you would think, that those files almost certainly hold the key to who is responsible for the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. 

To test the water, I asked a friend of mine, to post a perfectly reasonable comment, with a link to the PJ files, that have been released by a separate set of translators. She didn't troll, she didn't abuse anybody, she didn't mention neglect - she simply posted the following comment:

" I think every follower here should read these police files. They're free to view, and undoubtedly hold vital facts as to who is responsible for Madeleine's disappearance:

Within two minutes, her comment was marked as spam by the OFM page, and hidden from view.

When she posted it again, the same thing happened (as can be seen below), and she was banned from the page:

Slipping seamlessly back to the fraudulent "charity" claim, here's where we thank the hapless Tracey Kandohla. In her article, Kandohla states:

"The web page, which is endorsed by Kate and Gerry from Rothley, Leicestershire, states: 'We ultimately have the say on content and tone."

So, it's there in black and white, Kate and Gerry McCann are endorsing the suppression of the PJ files. They also endorse the fraudulent claim that the Ltd company "Leaving no stone unturned", is a charity.

I have today, lodged a complaint with trading standards. They checked the status of the fund, and told me no application for charity status has been received. They also confirmed that the OFM page was, and I quote, " a potential scam". I'm not wet enough behind the ears, as to hope this sees the end of the fund, and the McCanns' page - they seem to have a knack of evading justice.

To summarize:

The McCanns are endorsing a page that fraudulently promotes the fund as a charity, when it isn't.

The McCanns are actively endorsing the covering up of vital evidence, that could lead to the case being solved.

Only a very small percentage of the money from the fund has actually been spent on searching for Madeleine.

A huge sum of money from the fund has been spent on the salaries of paid liars, attempts to silence the truth, as well as bogus, and corrupt private investigators.

If you've donated to this fake charity, I would suggest that you contact consumer rights, you've been conned, and you deserve a full refund.

Perhaps, the McCanns' claims of bogus charity collectors being responsible for the disappearance of Madeleine, weren't so far of the mark after all.


Since yesterday's exposure of OFM's dishonesty, their self titled "Webmaster", has dug themselves a deeper hole. The following screenshots were sent to me by someone who contacted OFM via email. I have blanked out the source's name:

As expected, everything "Webmaster" said above, was just a pack of lies. The page could quite easily have been set up as a company. The choices when creating a page are bold, plain, and couldn't be simpler, as shown below:

OFM could have chosen from a multitude of options. They could have chosen, "Community organisation", "Community group", or even "Internet company". Hell, they could have been totally honest, and called themselves an "Insurance company", after all, hasn't a vast amount of the fund been gambled, and lost, in an attempt to insure themselves against the truth?

Instead, however, OFM chose one of the options they most certainly are not - a charity. They've never been a charity, yet they chose that status. That choice, was a deliberate attempt to con the many unsuspecting members of the public who visit their site, into parting with their wages, their pocket money, or indeed their pensions.

Thanks to pressure form honest people, OFM have now, miraculously discovered a way to alter their status. This was done moments after our source emailed them, and called them out on their lies. Now, the decent, and correct thing to do. would be for them to admit, openly, on their page, that with the McCanns' endorsement (thanks again Tracey), they misled hundreds of thousands of people.

Will these bogus charity collectors do the right thing?

Will they do so without casting aspersions, or shifting the blame elsewhere?

Will we get a Gerry McCann type response, verbose, over egged, and as honest as a cut 'n' shut car salesman?


Will we get a Kate McCann type response?

"No comment"

Or, to quote the "devout Catholic Kate"...

"Fucking tossers, fucking tossers", whispered through gritted teeth.


  1. Over the ten years, we have seen the ups and downs. The noise and the lulls. Summer is always a lull - presume the family is out of the country as the guests of the well heeled.

    At a time when the METs begging bowl has upset this quiet lull period, it's right to talk about money. Specifically, what the MET might actually be doing or achieving.

    It is my opinion that they are on their second review, that is reviewing Redwood, etc. Picking through the files.

    And just how many translations are there. The online PJ ones, have never been challenged, wasn't Summer et al directed to them by the police, to write their book? It was always said that, as you have said the McCanns paid (or their private limited company, aka trust fund) £100k, did they really? and don't forget the first years of the MET was 'translating the files' so there's another translation. And still there has never been a challenge of the translations & interpretation so kindly given for FREE and posted online\PJ files. What an amazing tribute to Madeleine that so many gave their time and effort to that task, for FREE.

    To this day no case has ever had the same media & social media attention - from the days of Mirror forum.

    Thank to you those translators, wherever you are now. God bless you.

    1. I think we all (non trolls) echo those words. Without the translations of the files, we would perhaps be none the wiser, or as a good friend told me today, simply passed off as mad, or worse. The McCanns fought tooth and nail to get there hands on those files. We witnessed them do so as they made Madeleine a ward of court. I bet they didn't expect their wish to be quite so public.

      Out of habit, and to save time, I always use the link that takes me straight to the translated files. For some reason, today I didn't, and went to the introduction. Summers and Swan get a mention there, and a little exposure of their own dirty tactics can be seen:

  2. Excellent post. Well said, about time someone cut through the c***p!


  4. Excellent summary.



  7. Excellent article and a great summary of the top of the iceberg of their Lies & disgusting behaviour around their alleged 'search' for their child. I doubt these 2 will ever see the inside of a court room they didn't bring the case for, However each day more and more members of the public see them for who & what they are and begin that journey of discovery that many of us are at different stages of or hopefully as I am, at the end of, knowing we'll never know the truth due to the lies spoken yet it's their reputation they care most about that slips a little further into the gutter each day. And approaching the drain! That makes me smile and content, knowing also so many care about Maddie much more than they ever did and hoping she's at peace now. X

  8. It certainly is not what anyone is entitled to expect - even though in reality it is "Exactly" what we have come to expect. The Find M website still shows Linnet as a director, even though he resigned in May, less than three months after the Official Auditors HaysM had resigned suddenly. He is a retired accountant, and may have had a look at all the stuff HaysM handed over, and realised that it now would fall on his shoulders . . . Still it is only 113 days ago, and websites are tricky things to edit - or so I am told.