Saturday, 22 August 2015

The sociopathic traits of Gerry McCann


  1. a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behaviour.

One of the questions that poses itself for anybody who has studied the McCann case, or indeed for the casual observer, is this; could one or both of the McCanns have a severe mental disorder? 
A sociopath possesses  the ability to withdraw emotion and conscience from situations that may present themselves to them, especially when those characteristic traits hinder their ability to cope with a problem. 

  1. For instance, imagine a computer game, a shoot em up, if you will. You the player, wander the streets, armed to the teeth with weapons and shoot anything that comes your way. That is the aim of the game, and you do it because you must to win. You have no feelings for the characters you blast your way past, why would you, they're not real, you just do it because it's a game. For the sociopath, it is much the same, life presents them with a mission, a goal, or a need, and whilst they might not kill anyone in the process, the lack of conscience gives them the ability to calmly succeed without thought for right or wrong, only the desire to win.

    In Gerry McCann, we see a man who plays out the case of his missing daughter as if it were a game. He appears to thrive from the thrill of the chase, and it is that chase that makes his sociopathic traits manifest to the surface. Whereas you or I would panic if in the situation of the McCanns, Gerry does not, he is calm, he is alert, he is calculating, his mind working at high speed, reading the situation with the guile of a predator, all powerful, in control of everyone, and everything around him. He feels that he is the centre of attention, his personality absorbent of his own deceptiveness, and his self belief grows with every calculated scheme.

    Take the following scenario, it is a theory that has been put about by many as to what happened to Madeleine McCann:

    The McCanns sedated their children, so that they could enjoy nights out without the worry of them waking up. It isn't an implausible theory, Kate McCann after all, is a qualified anaesthetist, she would have a professional expertise on various sedatives, dosages, and be more than competent in the administration of them. It is a known fact that Madeleine, as is quite normal for a three year old, had history for waking during the night, as her reward chart shows. 

  2. If we are to believe that the children were left, then how could the McCanns be sure Madeleine would not wake, wander off, (she had done before). She could have encountered many household hazards in a dark, unfamiliar apartment. Kate described in her book, and to the press how "we had always suspected all three children had been sedated" yet it took her 4 months to have them tested. Now, with Gerry's cardiological background, and Kate's expertise, it is completely illogical that either parent would take 4 months to have their children tested, knowing the fatal consequences that could arise  from a qualified professional giving children sedatives, let alone a stranger. Curiously, Kate had this to say of the eventual test results:

    "Whilst this didn't totally exclude the possibility that the children had been sedated, especially given the time that had elapsed, it meant that nobody else (including the PJ and the media) could prove otherwise"

    There are grounds to believe the children had all been sedated, not by an abductor, but by Kate or Gerry McCann, and so back to our scenario. The children were sedated, Madeleine has an adverse reaction to the drug she was given, and either wakes feeling unwell, gets out of bed and has a fall, or dies during her sleep, and is found by her parents. It would certainly explain the cadaver odour on Kate McCann's clothes, and could even explain the crying heard by Mrs Fenn. As harsh as it sounds, and it does, Madeleine is dead, neither parent can change that fact, a decision must be made. This is where the sociopath would take over. With no regard for human decency, a sociopath would enter the realms of damage limitation, or self preservation if you like. An autopsy is out of the question, thus alerting the authorities is out of the question. Too much would be at stake, neither doctor would work again, one, or both would certainly face manslaughter charges, which would undoubtedly result in a jail term, and both of the twins would be taken from the couple. With that in mind, is it inconceivable that Gerry took over, hatched a plan to dispose of Madeleine's body, and protect what is left of his family? I think not.

  3. There is clear evidence, that suggests Gerry segregated the loss of Madeleine to concentrate on saving the family unit. Time and time again, we see Gerry refer to Madeleine as "the child", it is a classic case of disassociation. By calling Madeleine "the child", she is no longer his daughter, but an object, eg. the bus, the tree, the fridge, the emotional connection is removed, therefore making the situation more playable, remember this is a game now, there is no room for sentiment, not for the sociopath.

  4. A sociopath has the burning need to control situations, to control the characters within the game, again this is evident with the power Gerry holds over Kate. Kate has aged drastically over the years, she does not possess the same ability to place guilt or emotion into a box, thus dealing with self preservation as easily. Take for example the 48 questions Kate McCann refused to answer. We are told this was upon the advice of the McCanns' lawyer, yet Gerry chose to answer his questions. Of course he was always going to, the need for controlling the situation would mean that keeping silent, simply wasn't an option. Keeping Kate silent, on the other hand, was the only option. It was during Gerry's interview, that we see yet more evidence of displacement, when shown the evidence of the dogs alerting to all things McCann, Gerry wouldn't even look at the screen. Almost childlike tendencies, "If I can't see it, it isn't happening, and therefore it can't hurt me" again, removing the reality, the risk of emotion, from the set plan, the self preservation. Gerry had to be in control. Whilst waiting at the police station, and about to negotiate, with a man who claimed to have Madeleine, Gerry was said to be sat, calmly sucking on a lollipop, watching the television, and chatting to an officer about sport, yet again, and I know I keep writing it, he was distancing himself from the situation.

    Time after time we have seen interviews on the television, or videos, where Gerry displays his true nature, he can't help it, whilst he is talking, he is calmness personified, he is in control, the toothy sneer, the arrogance, the smugness, the catch me if you can attitude, but all of that goes out the window the moment Kate speaks. As soon as Kate answers a question, or dares to speak, Gerry's face tightens, a fear washes over his face, he is not in control, and the fact that every word that comes out of Kate's mouth, hasn't passed through the mind of Gerry first, fills him with dread. Take the video below for example, Gerry goes through every trick in the book to correct Kate, he shows disappointment, both facially, and physically, leaving Kate in no doubt, that she hasn't stuck to his script.  

  A sociopath, whilst convinced they are doing the      right thing by a loved one, will ultimately destroy    them. They truly believe that they are making those  closest to them, into better people, for that person's  own good. They will attempt to mould them into  what they believe they should be, but in doing so,  they will leave the other person lifeless, scared and  desolate. Kate's face bears the scars of such  behaviour, it is barren , often lifeless, her eyes  glazed, and devoid of any happiness. Her actions  are no longer her own, as she now finds herself in a  mortal state of purgatory, ruled by her "loving"  husband, whilst tortured with the need to rid herself  of guilt. Something she will never be able to do. 

In contrast, Gerry doesn't seem to have aged at all, he has fed his needs from what he perceives as a game, a game that to he is convinced he is winning, but at what cost? How many have suffered at the hands of Gerry McCann, how many more will suffer? One thing is for sure, one day, one way or another, the games are always over, and when that day comes, Gerry McCann, the man who thought he could control the world, will lose everything. 


  1. Pretty well ticks all the boxes for me. Thank you.

  2. Only doctors, why the protection ?

  3. Very interesting observations and I agree with most of the conclusions you have come to, however, I quote what Kate McCann said '' I feel like shouting the truth from the rooftops'' Implying that if they were to tell the truth ''their life's and those of their family would be put in danger. In effect she is telling us she wants to tell the world the truth but is prevented from doing so. By who I wonder? Although Jerry IS a control freak without doubt, I don't think even he can control or deceive to this extent. He can control Kate, and the tapas lot (the pact) as David Payne suggested, but my opinion is that THEY are also being controlled by some very dark mysterious beings, not forgetting those involved in the funny handshake brigade.I may be way off track with my thoughts and would be interested to hear what you think.

    Thank you.

    1. I am of the same thought as you. I really dont think these people directly or intentionally hurt their Daughter and believe they are also frightened for what ever reason. The puppet photo did it for me way back in 2007

  4. Brilliant analysis of Gerry, but I don't think Kate is as docile as she would like us to believe. She has also stepped in when Gerry has gone off script, and during their bizarre interview with Sandra Felgueiras where Gerry told her to 'ask the dogs', Kate is standing by her man, and fighting her corner admirably, and the phrase from the Kate that always sticks in my mind, is 'we are finishers'.

    I suspect folie a deux, (madness shared by 2) though I suspect Kate in her defence will claim that she was manipulated by her husband. I however, cannot really see Kate as a subjugated wife but I think she would like to be seen that way. She is up to her neck in a major crime, and shifting the blame elsewhere could get her off the hook.

    In my opinion, she is a full and active participant. There were no signs of worry and stress in that heady summer of 2007, nor have there been any signs of it while she is appealing to the public to look for a live child. When she and Gerry gave a press conference beneath the aged progressed picture of her missing child, an image that would poleaxe normal grieving parents, she was visibly buoyed.

    I don't think Kate is the sort of woman who can be forced to do something she does not want to do. She has chosen to be an active participant all the way through, and indeed she has even carried out engagements on her own. Not forgetting of course, that she wrote a book of downright lies!

    Having said all that, I largely agree with your assessment, the cunning plans come from Gerry, but rather than Kate being manipulated by Gerry, I believe she is his number One fan. Kate loves being part of a power couple, she loves to be seen holding Gerry's hand. She wants all her family, her friends, the girls who were horrible to her at school, uni etc, and of course her public, to be jealous of her marriage to a smart, handsome man (hero), her beautiful and her perfect kids and her amazing life. Phone calls from Cherie Blair, dinner with Clement Freud, in your face bitches!

    Whether or not Kate can detach herself completely as Gerry can is debatable. I have researched their interviews carefully, looking for micro-expressions and signs of distress when Madeleine, or even the twins, are mentioned. Most grieving mothers crumble at the mention of their child's name and they break down when they think about the child's loss. That is, the loss the child has suffered, the milestones, the future they would have had. Kate's breaking points are references to her own suffering, her own loss, and she melts like an infatuated schoolgirl when Gerry speaks about her [Kate's] pain.

    I agree Kate has aged dreadfully, while people may speak of Operation Grange as a whitewash, Kate's haggard face says the complete opposite. But her fear, I believe, stems from being caught and of course, the horror of being exposed. Remember, her furious rage with the Portuguese police 'what will my parents think?.

    1. Agree with everything you said, apart from Gerry as 'handsome'. He's an ugly looking chap.

  5. Interesting to see that on backdrop of presenter, is a garden pyramid building with dove of peace crowning it, very close proximity to Apt 5a, The garden pyramid located at the foot of a hill leading to local cemetery and leading to the location of villa loaned to McCann's by a hurriedly appointed tourist board executive,. Also note a religious school in close proximity, its driveway laid in the shape of a large cross on Google Earth.
    Also been alleged, 33rd Masonic vow is to overcome personal and religious persecution, maybe this was the win all game, was Gerry being installed as 33rd degree Mason, he seems very low cast for that high honour.
    Also interesting, an anonymous cult who signed in under a anonymous cryptic name, which I managed to decipher as suspected Rosicrucian's, with maybe higher links to noble Scottish elites, admitted, they do not
    make a habit of intervening on line, and protested at Madeleine being made a weapon against McCann's.
    All in all, my own theory, McCann's were willing pawns in a game, a game that was not fully revealed to them, although they suspected, as David Payne stated, We were waiting for something to happen". Well it did and all of them are culpable in Madeleine's fate, and as I concluded, after all evidence leads to horrific prospect, Maddy, may have been the sacrifice for joining dark forces in enlightenment.

  6. "a sociopath would enter the realms of damage limitation" the same goes for Control Risk Group that were employed by the McCann's in the very early stages of the investigation,the risk to the world finding out that the McCann's were the sole cause of their daughters demise was a load they couldn't bear, that includes certain persons of high degree in our government!

  7. I concur with the insightful description of Gerry, but the jury is out on Kate. In the interview with Peter Hyatt entitled 'embedded confessions' he puts forward the possibility that Kate was sexually abused as a child. He said that women who were abused tend to neglect their children, while putting on a display of 'perfect mother'. If true, is it possible she has a degree of dissociative identity disorder? She is so distant and emotionally shut-down. She pursues what appears to us to be a total charade yet often looks like she really believes that Madeleine is alive and just has to be found. Is Gerry taking on the role of her 'handler'?

  8. Disagree on only one point: Evil is bad that believes it' right - psychopaths have no concept of good and bad, they are always right. It's fascinating to see it displayed so clearly.

  9. As a psychopath myself, I will tell you now, both are psychopaths. Kate McCann is a very good actor. Better than Gerry McCann. When they speak, it's too verbose, too scripted. And they are utterly devoid of emotion - even for each other (that head on shoulder thing with the quick glance up - utterly artificial). There is *nothing* natural about what these two say or how they say it. Psychopaths are excellent mimics. They say/act what they think they should say/act. It takes a psychopath to ID another - we are expert at reading people. It just amazes us that others can't see what we see. In an instant. But we use it to our advantage. Equally incongruous is the British Authorities' inability to see what I *know*, and their reluctance to pursue the two people hiding in plain sight. They ae psychopaths. Period.

    1. So, are you self-diagnosed or did you get a clinician that diagnosed you as a psychopath? Kate is not a 'psychopath'. Gerry may be, but unless you can authenticate your credentials, I don't see why your 'diagnoisis' carries any weight. And this is coming from someone who believes in the cover-up, and who is a registered and practising psychology professional. I can't help but surmise that a true psychopath would not be so louche as to admit to being one...

  10. Kate is passive aggressive and Gerry is as described above. Sickening story. Their own version involves neglect as a defence. I think the truth may be truly horrific.

  11. Madeleine is such a beautiful name. I hate to hear Gerry McCann say it with his crude accent.