Wednesday, 29 April 2015

It's not about the money, money, money...

28 April, 2015 - Statement from Gerry and Kate Regarding Libel Case

"We want to emphasise that the action was never about money. It has always been focused on the effects of the libels on our other children and the damage that was done to the search for Madeleine."

Ah, noble words indeed from Mr and Mrs Parent 2007. So why then, are the gruesome twosome, claiming that they're "delighted" with the outcome, given that the judge ruled that no damage had been caused by Goncalo Amaral, to any of the McCann children, that he didn't hinder the investigation, and that no child suffered in any way due to his actions?

With regards to the McCann's three children, this is what the parents set out to get from Goncalo Amaral:

I-Payment to each of them of damages with a global value not inferior to 1.2 million Euros , being 500.000 Euros to the 3rd applicant (MBM), 100.000 Euros each for the 4th (SMM) and 5th (AEM) applicants.

A total of 700,000 Euros.

The following figure is what they were awarded:

0 Euros.

In fact the only people to be awarded anything in this case, pending Goncalo Amaral's appeal, on paper for the moment, is Kate and Gerry McCann.

Put simply like this, it is the children who have lost, and the parents who have won. Much the same as it was almost 8 years to the day. The twins lost their sister, and Madeleine Beth McCann, in all probability lost her life, and in almost mirror fashion, we have the parents claiming that they're delighted, just as their faces showed back in 2007 when they were pictured laughing and joking only days after Madeleine was reported missing.

But back to the present day.

The Judge ruled that the book was factual, so all you pros can quit with the "Amaral lied" bullshit, he didn't. The only liars are those who state that Goncalo lied.

Point I – The book is reporting facts that were present in the investigation and there is nothing new there and can, in fact, be confirmed in the report of Chief Inspector Tavares de Almeida (n9) and was pursued in the investigation process (ns 10 and 11), resulting in the constitution of Arguidos of the applicants and this was presented to the media and to the general public through the publication of the copy of the Investigation. (n 65 and 66)"

The only reason it is to be banned again, is because the judge ruled the the McCanns had a right to be presumed innocent, and there my friends, is the key word, PRESUMED. Nowhere in the summary does it say that Kate and Gerry were innocent. Nowhere does it say that it is proven that anyone other than the McCanns harmed Madeleine, and concealed both her death, and her body.

Yet still the McCann's are delighted.

The only thing the McCanns can take from this is some money, which according to them it was never about, and the knowledge that a book never published in English, will be banned.

Of course the vast majority of Portuguese people don't believe the McCanns for one second. As can be seen in the video, their own lawyer, Isabel Duarte admitted the following:

"I feel alone, because I don't feel support, er, not in public opinion, erm, I have friends that don't want to talk to me about the case................because everyone believes in Goncalo Amaral"

Well Isabel let me tell you a little story about what happens when things are banned, they become far mightier than when they were freely available, people want to see what they are being told they can't.

And people will read:

They will watch:

And Goncalo Amaral will have more support than ever before.

To coin a famous movie quote:

"If you strike me down I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine"

So Kate and Gerry, still feeling victorious?

Or are you secretly wishing you'd never started a contest, that no matter what, you will never win.


  1. Succinct, accurate, thank you. I hate being told what I can and can't read, do, or say. And a couple of disgraced parents from the East Midlandswill NEVER stop me from expressing my disgust.

  2. Only just stumbled on this blog. I agree with 08.26 - very succinct and accurate, thank you. The nerve of this pair will be their ultimate downfall. They are supreme game-players and the die have thus far been loaded in their direction. But they have gone a step too far on this one. The British hate injustice and they hate BS$%%$£$ even more. When you combine the two, the only way is down for this pair. At last the arrogant duo with little grasp on how they are perceived can now find out. Not via the newspapers and MSM who have been complicit in taking the public on an insulting little ride, but by those coming out in support of Goncalo.

  3. great blog m8 :)