Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The plot thickens - Isabel Duarte gets inside information

Yesterday, 28th April 2015, the media reported that the McCanns had been awarded varying figures from the damages trial they instigated against Goncalo Amaral. We were very sceptical as to whether the news was genuine, or whether it was simply more dirty tricks from team McCann, the like of which we saw on January 21st 2015, when someone, rumoured to be Isabel Duarte, the McCann's lawyer, told the Lusa News Agency that the McCann's had won the trial against Goncalo.

For those of you who don't know what the Lusa News Agency is, it is basically a 51% state owned organization, that gathers reports and articles, press and news companies can then access this information, and use it to publish news through their outlets. As Sky News and various others did yesterday.

What took us all by surprise as events unfolded, was that the press were getting these stories before Goncalo's legal team were. This just didn't make sense at all The verdict was always supposed to be sent to both parties in writing.

So why didn't Goncalo's team have the documentation?

The answer to that is quite astonishing.

Isabel Duarte got her hands on the document before it passed through Citius, the judicial network, she then passed it on to several journalists.

The documentation that she was passing round yesterday, bore no official authentication. It couldn't possibly have done, as it hadn't passed through the full legal process.

We will update this blog for you to judge for yourselves, just as soon as we have more information.

Some big questions remain though.

How was confidential information leaked to Isabel Duarte?

Did Isabel Duarte obtain these documents illegally?

Has Isabel Duarte breached legal protocol by passing unofficial documentation onto the press?

and most importantly, could this jeopardise the entire verdict?

Centre of a judicial storm, Isabel Duarte (above) 

One thing is for sure it opens the door for an official complaint from Goncalo Amaral's legal team, who yesterday couldn't publicly comment to the many calls from the media, as they didn't have any information with which to do so. 

More to follow..............


  1. This should be front page news, top headline today.
    But the spinners got in first!

  2. Maybe, just maybe she has purposely threw a spanner in the works in Goncalo's favour, she has had a lot of presure over the last five years from all sides because of the job she was doing, It is possible, well its not just possible it is actually plain to see through the mccanns web of lies and deceit and maybe she has decided that being on the side of what is right and just is preferable to working in a pit of snakes whatever the cost.

    1. I wish you that you are spot on.

    2. My thought as well that it was deliberate act to get her friends she has lost back
      Also Gongalo Amoral said back a while, Justice works through silence! a premonition perhaps?.
      I have also thought for a long time that justice would come for MM with a shock result, but also with a Double edge Sword. I hope justice prevails & turns this result over & the affect will be Justice for a little Girl as well.

  3. @ Paul,it should be, but its never going to happen with our no spine or balls press.Hope that old bat is for the high jump

  4. I think Mr & Mrs McCann were responsible for what happened to Madeleine

    1. EVERYONE who lives in Praia da Luz agrees with you!

  5. From what I have read, including the findings of the judge at the last court hearing in January. it seems that the McCanns have only been made an award of money because the book harmed them emotionally although the judge did stress that this ''damage'' MUST have occurred BEFORE the book was published, Who wouldn't be hurt and feel fear about being found out by a top cop who created a book from facts lifted from the official PJ files. Quite incredible that this man has been punished, again, and for several years now, for basically turning official police files into a book by way of FACTS. Utterly astonishing, I've almost given up hope of true justice ever being delivered for poor little Madeleine who passed away eight years ago. This world is truly sick.

  6. According to social media allegedly neither Snr Amaral nor his lawyer had been officially informed at about 11am-12noon today, the day after this verdict was announced publicly.

  7. I think it would be more likely that if she felt the McCann's were going to lose that doing this would cause a mistrial and Goncalo would have to go through the whole thing again. Is the document canon or could it too be false?

  8. I am wondering what different format a court of appeal would have.
    Would different evidence be needed?
    Would there be a more direct line of questioning?
    Have they just been shot in the feet, despite it appearing as a financial win.
    For me this is calculated genius. Let us suppport Truth in whatever way we can.
    The Amaral fighting fund, prayers, contemplation.

  9. The McCanns have always courted the Media and now we have Duart doing the same. Shame on her and them too,what a hard up despicable woman. Hope she gets the Book thrown at her and is made to pay.