Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Some of the crowd are on the pitch.

Eight years to the day the McCanns embarked on a fateful trip to Portugal. A trip that would begin with a family of five going on holiday, and a family of four returning. So how would you expect the McCanns to be feeling today?

Distraught perhaps, that no matter which way you look at this, their actions led to the disappearance of their own daughter?

Guess again.

"The McCanns, from Rothley, Leicestershire, said they are "delighted" with the judge's verdict."

The above quote was from today.


How in the name of God, could any parent be feeling delighted with ANY news on today of all days?

Despite Miguel Cruz Rodrigues, the McCann's lawyer, not being given any confirmation of the verdict, it would appear that the McCanns have been awarded a sum of money. Not the full amount by a long shot, although that won't stop the disgraceful duo claiming they have won.

Of course Goncalo Amaral will have the right to appeal, in which case Kate and Gerry wouldn't receive a penny, until the outcome of  that trial is decided, and who knows what a trial at another court could bring. Let us not forget, the McCanns succeeded in getting Amaral's book, and documentary banned once before, only for the Supreme Court to over rule the ban.

But, let us not detract from what shall be known from this day forth as Kate and Gerry Day, a day that shall be remembered in McCann history as the moment the odious couple were "delighted"

"Some of the crowd are on the pitch, they think it's all over............"

Not yet!

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  1. I hate them they are fucking bastards, this article sums up my hate for them perfectly, how dare they be delighted, I hate them for being delighted so thanks for reminding me, great blog it sums up perfectly why we should hate the bastard McCanns