Wednesday, 15 April 2015

What's this about a football match Jane?

According to the police statements and the timeline created by Russell O'Brien, Gerry McCann left the table to check on Madeleine and the twins at 9:10pm on the 3rd May 2007. Jane Tanner left the table at 9:15pm and saw Gerry talking to Jez Wilkins on the street outside the McCanns apartment, 5a at 9:20pm. Nothing untoward about that version of events, even if it did take two attempts to draw up the timeline torn from the pages of Madeleine's sticker book. However, in a cutting edge documentary, Jane and Gerry have a discussion during which Jane talks about seeing Gerry on the street talking to Jez Wilkins:

"If you'd have been looking at me, coz I would have said something, coz Kate had been moaning that you'd been gone a long time watching the football"

Whoa, hold up! What football? There's no mention in the statements of Gerry being away watching football. 

Gerry doesn't even query this claim by Jane. What bothers me about this though, is that if Gerry did, as he says, leave the table at 9:10pm and Jane left at 9:15 that only leaves 5 minutes. The walk to the apartments takes approximately 2 minutes at a steady pace, that's 4 minutes there and back, 5 minutes if you allow a minute to check on the children. It's hardly long enough for Kate to be complaining that Gerry had been gone a long time watching the football. Although Russell O'Brien and Matt Oldfield did checks at 9:30 and 9:35 respectively, neither of them can confirm they actually saw Madeleine, which places Gerry, on record at least, as the last person to see Madeleine, and now it would seem away from the table for some time, and with no alibi for any more than 2 minutes, when Jez Wilkins and Jane Tanner saw him.

Another area for concern, is that during the cutting edge documentary, Gerry tries to contradict Jane and Jez's version of exactly where the conversation between himself and Jez took place. Gerry claims that he crossed the road to talk to Jez. whilst Jane is adamant this isn't true, she believes she saw Gerry on the same side of the road as apartment 5a. We know that Eddie, the cadaver dog, alerted to a light scent in the flower bed outside 5a, we also know Keela did not which strongly suggests that a human corpse was briefly placed in the flower bed. Almost as if it was in the process of being moved and had to be laid down temporarily. What could cause somebody to lay a dead body down outside the apartment it came from? Could it be the perpetrator was disturbed whilst moving the corpse, perhaps by somebody they knew? An abductor, surely would have hurried past a stranger in the street, much like the man Martin Smith saw did. If however Gerry was in the process of moving Madeleine, and he had spotted someone he knew walking towards him, he may well have laid Madeleine down out of sight, in the flower bed until the coast was clear. 


  1. Exactly the thoughts I had about this. It is very strange that Jane Tanner's remark seemed to have gone unnoticed - although I'm sure there were many, many of we 'public', who DID notice and came to same conclusions re Gerry, flowerbed etc

  2. They had all had a fair bit of wine, it would seem. Never do they refer to this. Gerry needed a pee but still sensed someone in the room with him. When one is a little flown with wine and one's bladder is full, the need to relieve oneself is the main compulsion.

  3. There was no football of interest on 3rd May. On the other hand, Liverpool played Chelsea i. the semifinal of the Champions league on 1st May. Manchester United played AC Milan on 2nd May.

  4. An abductor wouldn't be abducting a corpse.Why would anyone but the parents move her dead body.