Friday, 24 April 2015

Reliable dogs - written by Syn0nymph

Written by Syn0nymph

Cadaver are dogs unreliable eh Gerry? You may want to rethink that....

Judge rules that cadaver evidence IS relevant and admissible in missing Amir Jennings case 

Sounds familiar, cadaver dogs smell death, witness sees man carrying child

Yet more cadaver success puts killers Wesley Shermantine and Loren Herzog behind bars 

Cadaver Dogs Help Solve Cold Case. Two cadaver dogs alert in same place.. again 

In the Hadden clark case, Cadaver dog Dan alerted in Jan 1993 and Panzer alerted in Sept 95.
Two more murderers behind bars thanks to Eddie & Keela and Morse

and Adrian Prout rotting in a jail thanks to yet another EVRD

And thanks to Buster Suzanne Pilley's murderer is behind bars

and yet another case where if it was not for EVRD dogs, Megan Sharpton would not have been found

Canine expert testifed on cadaver scent in Bianca Jones case
And of course her father D'Andre Lane was found guilty of her murder. Cadaver scent detected by Morse, trained by, wait for it, Martin Grime who was the handler for the dogs on the McCann case!

Then we have the Tia Sharp case where her body was moved and dogs were not put in the attic as they struggle to walk on joists
Despite this a dog alerted towards the ceiling but his handler ignored it and was reprimanded for doing so when 2 days later when dogs were brought in again dogs again they alerted and the poor girl was eventually found. Human error prevented her being found earlier. Dogs did their job, humans failed

And lastly poor April Jones. A man is being held and charged with her murder based on the findings of cadaver dogs.

Not so unreliable after all.

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