Friday, 8 May 2015

Sonia Poulton: The Untold Story of Madeleine McCann

The best things come to those who wait. A quote that has evolved over time, and become more appropriate for the purpose it needed to serve. We live in a society that expects to have a product the moment we first set our hearts and minds upon it................Sometimes though, it is better to wait.

In the case of Sonia Poulton's forthcoming documentary, The Untold Story of Madeleine McCann, many have become disheartened at the length of time the project is taking, but why? Yes Sonia told us that the documentary would be available after the end of March, and every one of us were looking forward to seeing what she and her team would produce. However, delays happen, and for anyone who has followed the case of Madeleine McCann for any length of time will tell you, it would be no easy task to put together a high quality documentary, that combines exceptional credibility, whilst still having all the ingredients to keep the viewer absorbing what is put across.

Simply researching one topic, one small area of the case, just for a post, can often lead down many rabbit holes, so much so, that the original post can be forgotten, as the further you look into something, the more you find out, and the more you are impelled to research and read. Imagine that on a much larger scale, and with many people putting their ideas forward as well.

I have no doubt, that if Sonia and her team are, as they promise, doing their best with this documentary, that the workload, and the vast amount of information they will have had to wade through, will have taken them by surprise. To that end, surely delaying the release, so the documentary can be the best it can be, must only be a good thing. Sonia has nothing to gain, and everything to lose by rushing, and risking ridicule by throwing together a half cocked project.

I recently spoke to Sonia, and had a full and frank conversation about concerns, and hopes for how the documentary might turn out. Upon conclusion of the chat I was immediately more buoyed about the work the team were doing.

Sonia has spoken to many people, and to her credit has taken advice from those who have followed the case heavily since day one. The biggest bit of advice production wise, was to take as much time as was necessary to cover the story in the best possible way. Further to that, as you can imagine, there are many legalities that must not only be covered, but made airtight. This is not, I am told, a simple case of throwing together a youtube video, with, in Sonia's own words "a handcam, and uploading".

"If we want different results than what has come before, then the documentary had to be up to a certain broadcast standard, for MSM, (mainstream media) and broadcast medium"

Sonia went on to say of the legalities:

"We have to go through legal channels which are thorough, because we are up against a litigious group of people"

You have to agree with that statement. Of course the proof will be in the pudding, but surely until then, we should all be giving our full backing to Sonia, and her team. Let the documentary be judged upon merit, and not upon guesswork, or frustration. We've waited 8 years for something that promises to be as big as this to filter its way into the public arena, beyond the hashtag, beyond the forums, and beyond facebook, surely we can wait a little longer for the finished article.

Only last week, we all bore witness to the effects of pulling together, and showing our support for Goncalo Amaral, which has not only lifted all of our spirits, given us hope, but proved just how much can be achieved when we stand as one.

On that note, I would like to wish Sonia and her team the very best of luck, and will be supporting them all the way.


  1. '' just for a post, can often lead down many rabbit holes, so much so, that the original post can be forgotten'' yep I'm sure we know exactly what you mean and that is the problem too many rabbit holes!

  2. Wishing you all the best Sonia. One very brave lady, do take care.

  3. sineadtennysons8 May 2015 at 22:16

    Took all on board and it makes sense so I'm willing to wait........You've Got 10 minutes starting.....Now!

  4. Go for it Sonia. Tell the world about Philomena as the 'big' woman in the Dossier of Death. Make the general public understand the depth of depravity, viciousness, and vindictiveness which they have shown towards Dr Amaral, Brenda Leyland,

    1. Agreed. It exposes the McCanns statement that they had nothing to do with the Dossier of Death as an outright LIE. (Yet another one in fact.) Even the Commissioner of the Met said the family had handed it in. Some people say this will not be a big revelation. Not to us, perhaps. But how many millions watched that Sky organised bullying and harassment of Brenda Leyland, and did not realise that the woman is Gerry's own sister. How many know that her husband is a pervert who posted pictures of scantily cld young women drowning in muddy swamps or quicksand. We do, but the rest of the country probably does not. How many people know that he went on the local School trip to Turkey, with lots of young people, and that he is keen photographer . . . Again this film may open some peoples eyes, and incidentally shut some lawyers mouths.

    2. No, what Sonia cannot afford to do is to run with unproven nonsense. Such as the identification of Cankles as a McCann family member. That's forum rubbish tbh and she needs to steer well clear of it. This case is rife with 'facts' that aren't. If she incorporates them into her docu it will never get shown.

  5. I am willing to waite and find its been made well,why some are getting so anxious about the waite I don't know .good luck to you.