Friday, 22 May 2015

McCanns exploit young girl.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away (12 months to be exact), and Benfica are playing Seville in the Europa cup final. In the crowd is a little girl watching the game.

What this little girl didn't know, was that very soon she would become the focus of a McCann PR exercise, a PR machine that would become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.


The force of social media. And use it they did.

Let's cast our mind back, back to when this ridiculous rumour grew legs, ran stark naked through your facebook news feeds and said, "Doubt the facts, mum and dad are innocent, here I am, alive and kicking".

May 14th 2014, two weeks before New Scotland Yard are about to begin digging holes in Praia de Luz. The McCanns worst nightmare. Here we have a couple so hell bent on promoting the fact that Madeleine is alive, thus removing themselves from blame, that they will do anything to avoid the swinging rope of human logic.

Let's look at the scenario.

Operation Grange are going to start digging on waste ground a few minutes walk from the apartment the McCanns were staying in at the Ocean Club in PDL
As you can see from the map below, the route to the wasteland ties in with the Smith sighting. Martin Smith and his family witnessed a man carrying a small child, Smith was up to 80% sure this man was Gerry McCann, and convinced the little girl was Madeleine.

1, The Ocean Club.
2. The Smith sighting.
3. The wasteland.

To anyone who has read the evidence, these digs implicate Gerry McCann in the disposal of Madeleine's body.

All of a sudden, as if by magic, social media becomes flooded with this picture of, a totally different girl, a girl who was enjoying the football game, but a girl who has now become a flagship for team McCann.

It doesn't matter that this girl, and her family have a life, not to team McCann, this young girl is collateral. Kate and Gerry fodder.

Despite hundreds of people sending the picture in to the Official Find Madeleine page, it took Kate and Gerry 4 days to admit that the girl in the photograph wasn't Madeleine, by then though, the damage was done. Several newspapers had run with the story, all of a sudden Madeleine, and Madeleine was alive again. You can bet your bottom dollar the McCanns were contacted for a comment, so why didn't Kate and Gerry rule her out?

A more cynical person would say

This is McSpin.

Now, 12 months on, and this photograph has resurfaced again. Nice timing for the McCanns, with thousands of people wanting to read Goncalo Amaral's book, and all of those people reading facts, facts that implicate Kate and Gerry in covering up the death of Madeleine. People are yet again being given false hope that Madeleine is alive, and OFM are not correcting them. 

This little girl is being used as a pawn in Kate and Gerry's long running con. Proving that there are no depths the odious couple will stoop to in their disgraceful attempts to fool people. 


  1. OFM should be correcting people and stating, without any doubt whatsoever, that this little girl is NOT Madeleine! I think it's disgusting that they are letting people believe it's her. Madeleine would now be 12 years old, but this girl is around 5 years old...people really need to put their brains back in if they think it's her!

  2. Four days or so seems to be the standard delay. Similar with the Leh sighting and several others. Longer than that and the thing goes off the boil.
    The DNA check on the little girl from NZ was beyond a joke as she'd already been checked out several times. What does that experience do to a child?
    Other sightings from the early days had the same pattern, public holding its collective breath - TM timing the suspence. It's wearing off though. Does the official site still encourage students to find untrodden paths and look closely at early teenage girls?

  3. I can't see how GM could have dug a hole in that wasteland, not even with all the T9 helping. anyone who's visited the Algarve or Spain would surely concede that? the ground is so hard. the hole would have to be deep for the Portugese police and their well-trained search and rescue dogs which did the initial search not to find her. they would surely have checked all the surrounding areas within the first 24hrs. I believe they did a through enough search. any disturbed ground would've been so obvious even if they did somehow manage to collect enough spades for all the men to dig deep, without a digger, it would've taken them a long time. it's is dry, hard, embedded land, not soil. contrary to popular concensus the Portugese police and their search teams are not idiots. the only reason I can think of for GM to be carrying a small child through the streets for the Smith sighting to be genuine, is if he was setting up the abduction story, but even then, why would he do it himself? it just doesn't make sense and if it doesn't make sense, it's not true in my book! I think we have to work backwards to find what happened to that beautiful child. where would be the most obvious place to hide a body on the Algarve? who took a boat out deep ocean fishing the day before the hoaxed abduction? two of the men from the T9 that's who. the ocean is very deep not far off shore. deep enough for an ocean burial without a body ever turning up. it's obvious they KNOW the body will never be found. why? ocean burials take place in water of a certain depth. [there are even 3 places surrounding the British Isles where burial at sea is safe to perform - safe because the body will never surface] a quick google search would tell them that burial at sea is safely performed at a depth of 600ft in most countries, distance varies but usually about 3 nautical miles. "The ocean off the Algarve coast has some surprises. ... water in the surface is diverted, causing the upwelling of deep and colder ocean waters" [ › Algarve] " the Algarve coast is heavily influenced by the water flow from the Mediterranean into ..." › Europe › Portugal › Algarve › Algarve Travel Forum" so, the ocean off the Algarve is deep and cold AND is influenced by the water flow from the Mediterranean into the Atlantic, meaning, any body dumped far enoug off the coast will most likely be swept into the Atlantic never to be seen again .. I just don't buy that they buried her somehow on the same night they reported the abduction if the Smith sighting is genuine. they're well educated people, with a wide wide ocean surrounding them