Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Burglary stories doing the rounds again.

When it comes to breaking news on the Madeleine McCann case, who better to go to for unbiased views than Sky "reporting live from Gerry and Kate's rear quarters" News?

Only two days ago, we were treated to an amazing quote from those McCann lovers at Sky News:

"Portuguese police abandoned their investigation after 15 months without establishing any clues to the mystery and for three years there was no official search for Madeleine."

No clues? So a British Police dog, trained to alert to the scent of dead bodies, barking at the clothing of Kate McCann, wasn't a clue, the same woman who refused to cooperate with the investigation by not answering questions put to her about what she saw, and what she did, when she claims, that she found out Madeleine was gone, wasn't a clue? SHUT UP!!

Let's face facts, in recent weeks, they've flirted with and protected the dossier compilers, received inside information from the McCann's lawyer, Isabel Duarte, (who herself obtained the information in extremely dodgy circumstances), and now they're getting their exclusives from Summers and Swan, creators of the biggest flop since Gerry McCann confused his Viagra, with blue Smarties.

Anthony Summers and Robyn Swan wrote a book that promised to be the most truthful, and mind blowing to date, in truth, what they delivered was something totally different, it was a rehash of all things McCann. The book contained nothing new, and nothing that would have the McCanns choking on their sea bass, before hurriedly reaching for their mobiles, and speed dialling Carter Ruck to stop it reaching the shelves. It was in essence, a pro McCann production, and sales reflected this, as it hit the bookshops with a fizzle. 

So no surprise then, that the authors who delivered such an extraordinary waste of trees, have now come forward with some not so new "information". 

I of course refer to the latest reports that, despite no comment from New Scotland Yard, burglaries are being investigated, and are once again, the main focus of attention. 


The thought process behind this being, that Madeleine was taken in a burglary gone wrong. of course this happens all the time, Bobby the robber, watches an apartment, spots the occupiers to-ing and fro-ing every 15 minutes, rushes in, leaves no sign of a break in, knowing he is limited for time, rushes the job, and instead of taking jewellery, cash, passports etc, cocks the whole thing up in a blind panic, and snaffles a three year old little girl by mistake. Purrrlease!

As you can read from the report, Anthony Summers states that:

"Our source told us that after stumbling across 18 burglaries last year, they have now discovered a total of 28 in the area of Praia da Luz in the years around 2007 when Madeleine disappeared."

In and around the years of 2007? Not very precise is it. You see what Anthony Summers is very cleverly doing, is to make out there was a huge spate of burglaries in a very short space of time. Not so.........
"in and around the years of 2007"  

The plural use of the word years is important here, it indicates that these 28 burglaries took place over more than one year. Then of course we have the the next part of the quote, "in and around". By definition, the word around means on all sides of, so at the very least we have 28 burglaries, or thefts from a dwelling, within a 3 year period. That equates to just over 9 a year, hardly out of the ordinary, and hardly likely to be the work of, one single gang. For that to be the case, we would have to believe that Bobby the bungling burglar, was the only thief in the area for at least 3 years.

Quite aside from the fact that:


Somebody must have told New Scotland Yard this minor detail. It's there in the PJ files, the McCanns told friends and family, that the shutters were, "smashed", "jemmied" and "broken"  Yet, as can be read below, their was no sign whatsoever of a break in of any kind. 

So how did Summers and Swan come to obtain this information, from, as Sky described it, "a source". Clearly they are not the official spokespeople for the McCanns, that is the job of Clarence "as and when" Mitchell. New Scotland Yard have, since the departure of Andy redwood at least, run a very tight lipped operation. The distinct lack of leaks to the press has been noted since Redwood retired, and handed the reigns over to DCI Nicola Wall.

New Scotland Yard aren't talking to the press any longer, certainly where the main investigation is concerned, yet we are still seeing pro McCann stories filtering their way into the tabloids. Stories that, no matter how unlikely, divert attention from the McCanns, and onto a burglar, or a dead patsy. Is that a coincidence? The McCanns have, since day one, used the press for their own gain, as a guardian angel, always there to blame those unable to answer for themselves, be it the dead, or the ridiculous. 

It's high time the media stopped cow towing to this pair of liars, and started reporting the truth.


  1. I bloody love these blog ty xx

  2. If the officers on Operation Grange have now moved on, will they please publicly exculpate the four men (including Sergey Malinka) that they were working on before. Three of these men, it seems, were called upon to "explain" a series of phone calls and texts made among them in Praia da Luz that night. One is a schizophrenic, one washes dishes and has diseased lungs. Since Drs McCann and Healy refused to hand over their phone records, this makes absolutely no sense at all. And what happened to the Brazilian couple who drove off with Madeleine on the back seat of a red car while the dog sat on the front seat?

  3. brilliant!!!