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Goncalo Amaral - a brief history

Goncalo Amaral was born on the 2nd of October 1959 in the village of Torredeita near Viseu, Portugal. 

1973 joined the Public Administration, aged 14.

November 1981 began to study the formation of agents of the Judicial Police, and took office in 1982 as Agent.  

1992/1997 studied at night time, the Faculty of Law of Lisbon, having graduated in Law and Criminal Sciences.

1997/1998 attended the course of sub-inspectors of the PJ, being ranked first among 100 students.

In 2000/2001 completed the course coordinators of PJ. He served in Lisbon, the Algarve and the Azores.
Goncalo was involved in solving all sorts of violent and organized crime: theft, robbery, murder, drug trafficking.

Goncalo has been unfairly hounded by the British press, not least of all Antonella Lazzeri, (pictured left) reporter for The Sun newspaper, supporter of the Hillsbrough disaster cover up. Lazerri's latest piece described Goncalo as a "monster", so no bias there whatsoever, from the serial nasty, and McCann suck up.

But back to Goncalo, who despite all the unprecedented hatred from the McCann "media unit", has never wavered in his quest to see the truth told. 

His work is widely recognized by colleagues and superiors, as well as judges and prosecutors, judicial officials and lawyers, with whom he had the pleasure of dealing with for many years. 

Snr Amaral, co-ordinated the case from 3 May until 2 October 2007 when in an act never before recorded in the history of the Judicial Police, he was removed from the investigation. The reason for which, and where the order came from has never been revealed. Political pressure from the UK is believed to be the most likely cause though with Amaral getting ever nearer to the truth. 

On July 1, 2008, after a 27 year police career, Amaral retired, and would begin his pursuit to have his voice heard.

Despite being persecuted by the McCanns, Goncalo has never given up hope, and neither should we. In the name of truth and justice we owe this man huge gratitude and support.

Recently a fund was set up to support Goncalo Amaral's need for an appeal, after a court ruling ordered him to pay the McCanns £250k for writing a factual book. The book didn't contain lies, the money was awarded as the judge felt the McCanns had a right to be "presumed" innocent. 

The fund has shown the huge level of support Goncalo has, it has given those who disbelieve the McCanns, and who are sick and tired of their vicious ways, the chance to become involved in the fight against injustice. 

It needs to made perfectly clear at this point, that no matter what happens, Kate and Gerry McCann will never receive a penny from the fund for Goncalo Amaral's legal fees, it will be used only for that purpose, not to line his pockets or anyone else's, in any way shape or form.

In Goncalo Amaral, we have a man who did nothing more than express his right to freedom of speech. A man who led an investigation, determined to find out what happened to a three year old little girl, Madeleine McCann. A man who merely told it as it was. A man who, by doing so, encountered the wrath of Kate and Gerry McCann.

Kate McCann said of Goncalo Amaral:

"He deserves to be miserable and feel fear."

And boy did the "holier than thou" woman mean it. The McCann's legal team managed to freeze Goncalo Amaral's assets, much in the same way a spiteful person pulls the wings from an insect, the McCanns left Snr Amaral, with no means with which to mountt a serious defence. A truly sinister tactic, the idea being that, without the means, Snr Amaral would roll over and concede defeat. Nobody could have blamed him for doing so, but, this was not going to be the case. 

Goncalo has fought, and battled the McCanns every step of the way, he will not be silenced by the bully boy tactics of "Team McCann", and nor should he be. 

Too many times have we seen people bow down for the McCanns. The press, who, despite receiving a torrent of accusatory comments, and hatred from Kate and Gerry, some of which, were totally unfounded, and went unchallenged, have backed the lying McCanns to the hilt.

Let's take a look at a few paragraphs 
from Goncalo Amaral's book, "The Truth of The Lie", and in particular, his take on the first day of the investigation, May 4th 2007:
"It is Madeleine's mother who realised she was gone and is immediately talking about abduction.
We need information about the parents and their friends, to know who they are, what they do, if they have problems in their country, if the children were victims of abuse, if the family, neighbours, friends could have noticed any suspicious behaviour, what are their jobs, if they work full-time, etc. Is any member of their family depressed or suffered from depression in the past? Do the couple maintain good relationships? Are they implicated in serious litigation? Do they have enemies? For what reason? So, I telephone Glen Powers, the English liaison officer in Portugal, inform him of events and request that he relay our requests for reports. We consider these to be of the greatest importance and await sensitive responses to guide our investigation."

What Goncalo describes next is the first signs of a possible lack of co-operation from British authorities. Having recognised the need for as much background information as possible on the McCann's, Goncalo is frustrated at the speed, or lack of it that this arrives;

"We're not getting any response from Great Britain. We've had no reports on the subject of the couple, their children and their friends, which doesn't help us to tighten up the investigation. We would like, for example, to know if Madeleine was adopted by the couple, which would allow us to eliminate the hypothesis of parental abduction. If the information is not reaching us, it's obviously reaching the British Ambassador. We are astonished by this prompt mobilisation of the English authorities. So, who are the McCanns? Who are their friends? We don't need diplomatic intervention: what we would like, is answers to the questions sent to the British police authorities by Glen Power."

So why was this information so slow in being delivered to Goncalo? It was requested urgently first thing in the morning of the 4th. Even by the end of that day there was still nothing from Engalnd.

Goncalo also considered the theory the British gutter press are now beating like an irritatingly loud drum. The possibility of a burglary gone wrong. Goncalo wrote:

"The idea of a robbery gone wrong is not to be ruled out either. During the holidays, burglaries are not rare, and the police are not always informed, because hotels avoid spreading this kind of information. Even if the examination of apartment 5A reveals no trace of a break-in - contrary to what the parents insist and that Sky announced - we have to take stock of the petty crimes committed in the seaside resort and at the tourist complex. We are counting on the management of the hotel so that no incident of this nature remains hidden. Even if we don't have much belief in the scenario of a burglar who enters the apartment for a burglary and leaves it with the child, dead or alive, this hypothesis, as ridiculous as it may be, must not be neglected."

4th May 2007 and there's a possible CCTV sighting. So let's pretend for a moment your 3 year old daughter has been abducted. The next day you're informed of a possible sighting, the police want to take you to identify a photograph to see if it's her. What would your reaction be? I'm guessing not the same as Kate's here:

"Madeleine's parents are already back in Vila da Luz when we receive photos taken on an area of the motorway: you can make out the figure of a little girl, who looks like Madeleine, accompanied by a couple. These images come from a CCTV camera on the motorway linking Lagos to the Spanish border. The McCanns are asked to come to Portimão in order to proceed to an identification. It's the end of the day. Kate Healy seems annoyed at coming back and made uncomfortable by the speed of the police car taking her. We are somewhat astonished by her reaction, as if she was not expecting to get her daughter back. The identification turns out negative."

So we have Kate not searching, and not being interested in going to identify a possible sighting. What a fine mother she is, surely she'd be doing everything in her power to find Madeleine, unless of course she knew exactly where she was, and exactly what happened. How dare she attack and attempt to destroy this man's life. Goncalo Amaral will have his day, he will be proved right and when he is, I'd like to think Kate McCann, her smug husband Gerry, and every piece of money grabbing scum that helped them cover up the truth of what happened to Madeleine, will reside in prison for the rest of their naturals.

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  1. I have been more than happy to have donated to fund Snr. Amaral's defence. With the huge amount of support he has, let's hope it eventually leads to the McCanns being re-investigated, and having to pay back every penny they have had. Let them lose everything!