Friday, 8 May 2015

Clarence 'Cash for Lies' Mitchell - trounced

This morning, 8th May 2015, we finally got the news we'd long been expecting. Clarence Mitchell, the Conservative candidate for Brighton Pavillion, was well and truly trounced.

                        A walloping, a clobbering, a loss that's got to sting!

Mitchell, stated to the electorate, way back in 2013 at the start of his campaign:

"It's a huge honour to be selected as the Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Pavillion, the beating heart of the UK's most divers, tolerant and creative city"

Creativity of course, is something Mitchell is only too familiar with. In 2007 he was sent in by the Labour Government, whom he worked for as director of media monitoring, to assist Kate and Gerry McCann with the press. He was paid a hefty salary by the British taxpayer, in return for which he lied to the mainstream media, who then printed his lies, to be read by, you guessed it, the British taxpayer. 

Yes folks, we. the taxpayer, paid him to tell us porkies! 

and boy did the master manipulator deliver, here are just some of Pinkies stinkers:

“There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever, nothing, to suggest Madeleine has been harmed, let alone killed”  LIE

and an odd statement to make given that in 2008 he also said:

“Madeleine is probably dead”

“I can categorically state that Gerry did not have a blue tennis bag”

When talking about the Helping to find Madeleine fund Mitchell described it as:

“Independently controlled” LIE

“Kate and Gerry would have no issue with taking a lie detector test”

“There are wholly innocent explanations for any material the police may or may not have found”

When talking about the “tapas 7” and the McCanns he stated:

“None of them were wearing watches or had mobile phones on them that evening” LIE

“Kate and Gerry have been utterly honest, and utterly open with the police and all of their statements since the moment Madeleine was taken”

“We have nothing to hide”

“We are always willing to cooperate with the Portuguese police”

“I am a decent human being”
.........yeah right, and I'm an astronaut Clarence. 

In October 2007 Mitchell promoted himself and his involvement in the Madeleine McCann case, at Coventry University. He titled this public display of self gratification 

"Missing Madeleine McCann: The perfect PR campaign" 

During the hour long talk he bathed himself in glory and self worth about what a fine job he had done, and how very hard he had worked to earn his reported £75,000 a year salary. A figure that could well have risen after he resigned from his position with the Government to work solely for his "friends" the McCanns. A very strange move if he truly believed Madeleine would be found safe and well. Upon stepping down from his job with media monitoring from the Labour Government, he gave this explanation:

"More importantly, I have [resigned] because I feel so strongly that they are innocent victims of a heinous crime that I am prepared to forego my career in government service to assist them."

Back to his speech in Coventry, and the slippery eel talks with great bravado of how he "fed" the media stories, and of how, when they quoted him or the McCanns in an unfavourable light he would: 

"pull journalists to one side and say, look, if you want further co operation, this is what we said, and this is what we meant" other words manipulating the press to favour the McCanns, in exchange for stories. Still describing yourself as a "decent human being" Clarence? because to me, that sounds like you were a lying weasel, with the morals of an alleycat!

Mitchell described the people of Brighton Pavillion as "tolerant", it's a pity, for him at least, that he didn't show the same tolerance. Taken from a report from Alice Hudson, who wrote of Mitchell's appearance with his fellow candidates on question time:

On multiple occasions throughout the evening, Mitchell was reduced to berating the audience for their rudeness towards him. Not a good night for the Tory, who may find come polling day that shouting at people is not the best way to get them to vote for you.

Well find out he did, and how:


  1. Great post love it but this slimy bastard will always land on his feet he's got too much on people in high places unfortunately

  2. Says it all when the Conservatives have swept all before them and this compulsive liar loses so badly. Back to being a leech then.

  3. Well! What have weasels and alley cats ever done to you that you should liken them to Claribel Mitchell. It's not very nice, is it?

    Good post. Lorraine Holden, you are right, but take some comfort that he will never, ever get a parliamentary seat. Let him sit in some far-off public jakes with a sheet or two of The Sun on a nail.

  4. Quite gratifying to watch Esther McVey lose her Tory seat too ��