Tuesday, 19 May 2015

This Morning editors drop slot for missing Ben Needham

In a disgraceful move, ITV's This Morning programme dropped a planned interview with Kerry Needham, mother of missing Ben Needham, at the 11th hour.

Kerry Needham wrote on her facebook wall at 22:10pm last night, of her plans to travel to London and appear on the programme with a view to promoting the search for Ben, who vanished on the island of Kos in 1991.

South Yorkshire police have been following several new leads following Kerry's appearance on a Greek TV station recently, and it was hoped that further information could come to light with the help of This Morning.

Having only been told that she could appear on the show an hour earlier, Kerry received a phone call from the editors of This Morning, cancelling the slot without any explanation. I might add that This Morning's facebook page is available for posts and comments, should people wish to express their feelings, the link is below.


Kerry Needham has never received anything like the same backing as Kate and Gerry McCann, neither financially, or publicity wise. This latest bombshell from ITV has only served to compound the stark reality, one rule for Kate and Gerry, and another rule for the parents of all other missing children in the UK.

That might, and does sound like a pretty bold statement, but it is true. The MSM have pandered to the whims and needs of Kate and Gerry McCann for far too long, so long in fact, and in the face of public unrest, that it is beyond sickening. I ask this:


Not for as long as the earth still spins, so why treat others differently?

The McCanns have basked in self pity for eight long years. too often have we seen Kate and Gerry McCann appear on television, perched on their favourite sofas, Kate with her well practised look of a soul tortured by a terrible crime, the sighs flowing at each question before the previously prepared answers came. Gerry with his smug, "you'll never catch me" face, the constant shuffles and neck scratches as his whiny voice squeaked out the lies, perhaps due to Kate's grip on his broken codpiece, or just the fact his dishonesty constricts his vocal chords? 

We've seen the same rehearsed play year after year. The sycophantic Lorraine Kelly for instance, playing the Uriah Heep role so brilliantly it turns the stomach. "Yes, aha, aww poor you", in her lowered fake tone, with, as usual no reference as to what Madeleine must be going through, and no reference to what she could have gone through in her final moments before the "Kate and Gerry show" first began over eight years ago.

Is it a bridge too far to do a service to a mother whose only wish is to discuss new leads, and to desperately hope new information might come of her appearance?

Sadly for Kerry Needham, and her son Ben, it certainly seems so.

Above, age progression picture of how Ben Needham may look today. If you have any information, that could help find Ben, or shed any light on his disappearance, please contact South Yorkshire police on:

 0114 296 3022 or email them on opben.needham@southyorks.pnn.police.uk.

Since this blog was published, I am happy to report that the producers of this Morning have arranged for Kerry Needham to appear on the show tomorrow. There were a staggering amount of comments put onto This Morning's facebook page all in support of Kerry Needham. That support will not have gone unnoticed by the producers of the show, and certainly not by Kerry. A full explanation for the way Kerry was treated has not been issued yet. 


  1. I'm very afraid that the interest in the Needham case has only surfaced the last few years to give the McCanns credibility. Which they were beginning to need by that time.

    I'm also afraid that the last thing they want to do is to find Ben Needham but present it as a parallel case to that of Maddie, so both can go into history as 'unsolved' .

    We can't let that happen.

    1. "I'm also afraid that the last thing they want to do is to find Ben Needham but present it as a parallel case to that of Maddie, so both can go into history as 'unsolved' . "

      Interesting point Tigger and one I hadn't thought of.......

  2. To be fair (although they never are) the McCanns have been very quiet since Brenda Leyland's death. People are questioning how the names and addresses of the people on the famous dossier were obtained without breaking the law; John Tully has voiced the thoughts of many people by questioning the enormous resources annexed for Operation Grange. Hogan Howe waited until Cameron was once again ensconced in Downing Street before he waxed wroth. The fund for Dr Amaral is increasing daily.

    However, it is true that Kerry has been treated abominably. Has everyone forgotten Katrice Lee? Her family got short shrift as well. A trace of snobbery in it all?

  3. Completely appalled by this. Why compare the two cases and the people involved? Making wild accusations about the McCann's that Kerry Needham might want to be associated with. This may well cause further problems for her appeal. Think before you speak and think of the consequences to others in the future.

    1. What wild accusations? I made no accusations about the McCanns at all. I simply said that people are asking questions, because they are!

  4. Hi, thank you for your comment. It may interest you to know that the Ben Needham twitter account retweeted our blog this morning, and favourited it. Kerry herself liked the links to this piece on facebook groups. The comparisons were made to highlight the massive differences between treatment of the McCanns, of whom there is evidence to suggest a simulated abduction took place, and that of other families of missing children. Laid Bare takes great care to never make "wild accusations" as you put it, and all of our blogs are researched thoroughly before publishing. Kerry also gave the link to the This Morning facebook page, and encouraged people to express their disgust at the way she, and her family were treated last night. Many people there have also made the comparisons that we did, and rightly so. How can we be expected to sit back and say nothing, whilst one family is treated like royalty, and all the others treated as badly, if not worse, than Kerry Needham was last night.