Friday, 27 May 2016

Kate and Gerry McCann gambled Find Madeleine cash

How much longer are the public going to be fooled by Kate and Gerry McCann, and the true aim of the fund, many believe is being used to find Madeleine?

Kate and Gerry would of course, have us believe this fund (a private limited company), is of an illustrious nature, and has the sole purpose of finding their missing daughter. In reality however, it hasn’t even come close to that.

The money the public so willingly donated, has been wasted on dodgy private detectives, lavish hotels, witness expenses, PR spokespeople, legal fees, and of course, the irrational, obsessive pursuit of one man.

“He deserves to be miserable, and feel fear”, were the mutterings of the volatile, and temperamental Kate McCann, who, by her own admission, instead of assisting with the investigation by answering questions put to her, sat repeating under her breath; “Fucking tossers, fucking tossers, fucking tossers...”

As we know the man Kate and Gerry pursued for so many years, is Goncalo Amaral. Now I’m not going get into how I believe Snr. Amaral was fully justified, in believing the McCanns were involved in covering up the death of their own daughter Madeleine. Should you wish to satisfy that hunger, there is already enough evidence within this blog, countless others, and the official PJ Files, to whet your appetite. The point I want to make, is that Kate and Gerry, have used the public for their own selfish needs. Madeleine, was merely the poster child.

Kate and Gerry gambled thousands upon thousands of pounds, directly from the fund, in the hope they could destroy one man’s life. Where is Madeleine in that thought process? It was they who instigated the costly legal process, and when it was they who duly lost, we were treated to reports in the media of how Goncalo Amaral will be depriving the McCanns of money set aside to find Madeleine.


Goncalo Amaral didn’t ask to be taken to court, he didn’t ask for the British press to smear him at every turn. Kate and Gerry McCann did that. In fact by taking Snr. Amaral to court, they actually publicised his book, better than any PR company, could have ever achieved. It was never about the book though, it was about hatred, and power.

They attacked; he defended himself; they lost...badly.

Not one, not two, but three judges, unanimously ruled, that Goncalo Amaral had no case to answer, and that Kate and Gerry, should pay all legal fees; their own, and Snr. Amaral's.

So instead of cutting their losses, and paying the legal fees they were ordered to, what do the McCanns do? They throw yet more money onto the table, and attempt an appeal; using yet more of the money they pathetically whine, was for Madeleine.

They're too arrogant to see, they're the ones throwing it away!

Do they have any chance of winning an appeal? Not a hope. That hasn’t stopped them haemorrhaging yet more donations, in the pursuit of revenge.

If that money is truly for Madeleine, the dastardly duo should stop gambling it on twisted vendettas, and spend it on what they claim it is truly for. Finding the daughter, that one way or another, they were responsible for losing.

After all, what better way to prove Goncalo Amaral wrong, than to actually find Madeleine.

A gambling addiction, using public donations, is never going to achieve that.


  1. Nail.on.the.head.
    Pair of downright selfish crooks

  2. Interesting how the cover of the English translation of Mr Amaral's book has what seems to be a design very similar to the freemason all-seeing eye symbol.

    1. I know which picture you mean, but the book hasn't been published in English yet. So, I wouldn't think that particular picture came from the Amaral camp.

  3. You know it Ali. Did you know the McCanns have been busy siphoning money from the fund into a secret bank account? Dodgy, dodgy!

  4. When the Fund first started I remember young children sending their pocket money & PENSIONERS giving their last shilling.Things have changed today as more people are aware how this Fund is being used !
    Their own suporters don't donate and from what I see have not much interest in selling their Merchandise.
    All good things come to an end

    1. Yes, very telling that the McCanns' supporters spend all their time gossiping, and bitching on twitter, yet none of them promote the dodgy fund, the merchandise, or have ever thought of organising a separate fund for legal fees. They seem quite happy for Madeleine to pay the tab.


  5. Johnny DeVries27 May 2016 at 21:54

    I have never believed the McCanns were searching for their daughter but rather creating smoke screens and defending themselves from what now seems to be something pretty obvious. The pressure now must be tremendous and the truth is beckoning.

  6. Is there any evidence the McCanns paid the mortgage monry back into the so called fighting fund, it yes were did the money come from?

    1. Only Clarence Mitchell's word Steve, and we know the net value of that particular commodity.

  7. Can see the newspapers begging for more money for the now poor, broke , devastated McCanns when they have chucked away the last of other people's hard earned donations. If only they were so keen to search the night of the 'disappearance' as they are to plead for your cash. Way to go Amaral


    Who's money? How much was really donated by the little people? Most other similar cases, are lucky to see £20 - £50k (April Jones, Becky Watts)

    So, really a lot of the money was donated by the backers, the movers & shakers. And that probably only represents a fraction of what is shown on the balance sheets, IF YOU CAN UNDERSTAND THEM.

    The Book sales, brought in large donations, so did various settlements £600k about another £400k from the T7's BOD £30k in fees for her article. Just to mention a few. The book sales throw up a few ambiguities, who's money? The flash on the cover said ROYALITIES to the fund.

    But forget the PEANUTS of the Fund Co Limited. What has made those peanuts available as cannon fodder for litigation is the British TAXPAYER, since the METS investigation has rendered any private search by the McCanns un-necessary.

    £zillions will not find Madeleine. £zillions will even now, find out what happened to her.

    Both the reopening in Portugal of their investigation & the MET and if animosity exists & they are working independently so much the better. That could lead to some conclusions.

    So, until the British Taxpayer stops paying for this circus to continue, the McCanns will have more money then common sense to throw at anything they want.

    But lurking behind 'more money than sense' the British Tax Payer is the movers & shakers who probably are funding this folly now!

    Is there an answer - I wish I knew.

    Roll on the LUCKY BREAK.

  9. "Who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount". Isabel Duarte, the McCanns' own lawyer, was not surprised that Amaral succeeded in his appeal. However, it goes on. Is this just another rattling of the McCann begging bowl, or do they really think that they can succeed?