Sunday, 3 June 2018

Putrid Pro McCann Propaganda at Play

For anyone in any doubt as to the importance of the insidious interplay the ink-pushers of the UK's mainstream news companies have played in all national, and indeed international cover-ups, look no further, than this fine example of how the predatory press, print; they publish, they ponder, they copy, paste, print again, publish...and so on. Perpetual poison, placed before us, slowly working its way into our subconscious, creeping past our bullshit filter, and crawling into a part of the brain where it will be stored.

How many of us have said, in the past "Ah, don't believe what you read in the papers"? and yet...we do, we do believe, we might not want to, but unless we are stirred by the utter outrage of knowing we're being lied to, a part of us will always believe.

Many of us have seen putrid pro McCann supporters at play, and how they do their level best to discredit Goncalo Amaral. Heck, these malevolent monsters even support convicted child murderers, simply because it was Goncalo Amaral, that put them - quite rightly - behind bars. These supporters, not of Madeleine McCann, or her right to justice, but of Kate and Gerry, the only people they see as victims, have long labelled Goncalo Amaral many things; a drunk, an alcoholic, and much worse. It is however the previous two libellous accusations, that I will (with thanks to Winnower for her meticulous archiving of facts), focus on with this example:

The Carvi Seafood Restaurant:

Mid May 2007, and Goncalo Amaral - the coordinator of the original investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann - is having lunch at the Carvi restaurant; a man's gotta eat right? This particular lunch however, would become the first in many hyperbolic houndings. So how was it first reported:

The Daily Telegraph May 26th 2007

"Rarely observed at the scene of Madeleine's abduction or available for comment, those leading the investigation have frequently been spotted lunching at the Carvi seafood restaurant in Portimão."

As coordinator of the case, it wasn't Goncalo Amaral's job to attend the scene regularly, it wasn't his job to interview every witness; it was his job to...well...coordinate the investigation. So what if he left the office to go for lunch, is that really news?

No, it isn't, and for the great British press, it wasn't nearly juicy enough. The red topped vultures began to circle, and then...

June 7th 2007:

"Madeleine police seen at 2 hour lunch"

"A fellow diner at the Carvi restaurant allegedly saw what looked like a bottle of wine and a bottle of whisky at the table where the Portuguese police officers sat for about two hours."

See how things are gradually progressing here, it's still not enough though. So, enter Clarence Mitchell. The man who made sure all journalists came to him, for their stories - quite simply, if they didn't, they would get no more.

Up pops Gerry's big sister, the mighty...the monstrous, the 'er of the million dollar mouthpiece - Philomena McCann.

"It is a different country and we have to accept the way that they do things and that it is a different culture where they have lunches and siestas but we hope the work is made up at other times."

Already the digs are beginning to gain momentum, the preparation of a plot; one might say - "the wider agenda"

...and then, the very next day, The Daily Star launched with a totally inaccurate, malicious and organised assault:

June 8th 2007:

"Insp Goncalo Amaral - sat slumped in a chair staring at a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky."

Red top bastards!

..and it escalated:

"The cop leading the Maddie hunt was blasted yesterday after he and two colleagues spent two hours boozing - at lunchtime. Chief inspector Olegario Sousa downed wine and whisky with fellow Portuguese officers as a restaurant TV screened Maddie's anguished parents at a Berlin press conference."

Philomena flapped her ample gums once more:

"If it were detectives from Scotland Yard there would be absolute uproar."

You'd think that of all people, Philomena would understand the need for lunch, but no.


...the press kept on firing:

The Times 9th June 2007:

"The fellow diner said 'Someone on another table seemed to know them and joked about them having two-hour lunches and knocking back Johnnie Walker Black (Label)"

We're a long way from "Man has lunch" now, and there's no letting up:

The Daily Mail 9th June 2007:

"Senior police officers...were seen laughing and joking as images of the missing four-year-old and her desperate parents appeared on a restaurant TV screen...They laughed and cracked jokes as they enjoyed a meal washed down with wine and whisky - as footage of the couple played in the background. Afterwards, they left a table littered with empty glasses - and went back to work..."

So now a line has been crossed, we've left the initial report of Goncalo Amaral having his lunch, to one of him being slumped in his chair, tight as a wheel, poking fun at images of Madeleine McCann on the television, as he sits feasting and neglecting his duties.

When the pros, and their victim status hunting idols tell us that Goncalo Amaral is a "discredited detective", they're not far off the mark...BUT, the discrediting came from their own quarters, their hired assassins within the media, who stopped at nothing, certainly not the boundaries of fact, to destroy a man, who, one day, had his lunch.


  1. He won, though. In the end (and I have read a few times that there is no record of their taking the case to the ECHR) he won; he was vindicated.

  2. I stopped believing media when i was 12...when i was at an incident that was completely and insidiously misreported in msm. My dad then sat me down and explained a few things to me. Bunch of presstitutes the lot of them...will type anything for cash. Nowadays the ilk of michael walker are the new breed. Thankfully truth won out in senor amarals case.