Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Podesta brothers' link to Madeleine McCann - DEBUNKED.

Social media; a powerful tool when used correctly, but what if it is used to spread fake news?

Let's cast our minds back to the 7th November 2016; the day before the 58th American presidential election. News (I use the term loosely), is spreading across various social media platforms, claiming that John Podesta (chairman of Hillary Clinton's campaign), and his brother Tony Podesta match the efits that were released by New Scotland Yard on the 14th of October 2013.

Scotland Yard showcased the efits on the British programme 'Crimewatch', a short transcript of which, can be read below:

23m 34s

Presenter, Matthew Amroliwala - "It was here, at 10pm that an Irish family witnessed another man, carrying a child. They saw him come down the hill, from the direction of the Ocean Club, heading that way, towards the beach. Could this have been Madeleine, and her abductor?"

DCI Andy Redwood - "He was a white man, with brown hair, and the child he had in his arms was described as being about 3 to 4 years of age, with blonde hair, possibly wearing pyjamas - a description very close to that of Madeleine McCann."Matthew Amroliwala - "Two of the witnesses helped create efits of the man they saw. Today, for the first time, we can reveal the true significance of these images"

DCI Andy Redwood - "This could be the man that took Madeleine, a very important lead, there could be an innocent explanation. The efits are clear, and I'd ask the public to look very carefully at them. If they know who this person is, please come forward"

There is absolutely no confusion there; the efit was of one person.

Still not convinced?

Perhaps a freedom of information request, sent to the Metropolitan Police Service might help:


"At Question 4 you asked: 
Did members of the Irish family create these e-fits, or were the 'two 
witnesses' mentioned by Matthew Amroliwala who drew up the e-fits actually 
other witnesses? If so, please state who they were. 
The MPS response is: 
The program was referring to members of the Irish family who created the 
At Question 5 you asked: 
Are the e-fits of the same man, or not? 
The MPS response is: 
Yes they are the same man." 

Don't take my word for it though; take the word of the witnesses. As can be seen from the family's statements below, there was definitely only one man.


Now I realise this blows the Podesta theory of two men, matching two suspects, right out of the water, but no matter how much a person may want it to be true, the basic facts are; 1 does not equal 2, it never has, and never will. 

Is it not more plausible, that in fact social media was used as a political propaganda tool?

That one day before the election, a vicious rumour was spread, in order to smear the Clinton camp, and thus convince those who were perhaps undecided, to vote for Donald Trump?

Face facts America, you've been had. You were given a seed, and without doing any research at all, you fertilized that seed, nurtured it, watered it, and watched it grow into a totally false, yet believable fact. 

If you've taken the time to read the statements, you will have seen that one of the witnesses (Martin Smith), was up to 80% certain, the man he saw carrying Madeleine toward the beach, was her father, Gerry McCann. 

There was no evidence of an abduction, ever taking place, and a whole stack of evidence to implicate Madeleine's parents. Don't take my word it though, read the true facts, with links to the police files:


Perhaps those who now realise they were duped, might delete the lies that litter their twitter timelines, and replace those lies with the above; the irrefutable truth.



  1. Ah! Thanks, this passed me by. Explains the sudden influx of readers from the US on my blog this week.
    Napoleon said that stupidity is not a handicap in politics, clearly the same goes for the voters.

    1. Hi Tigger, how are you? It's quite amazing to see so many people that argue in the face of indisputable facts. You've been fortunate to miss it so far.

    2. I have to say I disagree entirely with the above report!
      I disagree with the claim it was to smear the Clinton campaign, she single handedly smeared her own campaign, and it would take some pretty sick individual to make such a deliberate allegation against a particular person, particularly a missing toddler!
      Perhaps the source might want to redouble their efforts and do some digging on this!
      The Podesta brothers were in Priai De Luz on the day Madeleine McCann disappeared, this has been confirmed,both brothers were staying at the property of know paedophile Clement Freud, a close friend of the brothers! Freud coincidentally invited the McCann's to dine with him one week after Madeleine disappeared!
      Both brothers emails have been deleted in the period Madeleine disappeared!
      They were both travelling on the rosehearty yacht owned by none other than Murdoch! (Let's not forget his skills in manipulating the public)
      Dare I mention the yacht that left the marina that morning which ' vanished ' on the morning of 4 May!
      It is a know fact that their is a cover up of a global paedophile network surrounding the elite, both pizzagate in america and the shambles in the uk which has systematically covered up the extent of the abuse, this includes the legal system, police, social care, take dunblane, massive cover up, then kincora boys home, elm lodge, kings cross fire!
      If the Podesta brothers ate innocent then perhaps they should come forward so as to allow police to eliminate them as suspects, after all THEY WERE in the vicinity! If it were me, damned right I would go to police and say that I was there, why aren't these two doing it???
      Also, having a freedom of information request, response, is this what you are basing your innocent theory on??
      I suggest you read about the docherty family from Scotland, then tell me the police furnished you with facts!
      And politicians, they are masters in the art of detracting from the truth and let's be honest, they have not got a good track record with telling the truth have they!!
      I think people are seeing the truth band unfortunately the rest are brain washed by media, fake news and down right lies!!

    3. Hi Shirley, thanks for your comment. Clearly you're an avid Trump supporter; I promise not to judge you.

      Your first point, "she single handedly smeared her own campaign"

      Are you seriously suggesting that Donald Trump's campaign was honest, above board, and didn't adopt smear tactics? The pair of them were an embarrassment.

      Secondly you claim the Podesta brothers were in Portugal the day Madeleine went missing. Can you provide a credible source for this please.

      You claim both brothers stayed in Freud's villa. Again, can you provide a credible source.

      Next you claim that Rupert Murdoch's yacht "Rosehearty", was docked in the Algarve, and left a marina on the 4th May, and that the Podesta brothers travelled on her. Again, credible link please.

      The link to the boat movement is here:


      Funny how Rosehearty isn't mentioned. I don't mean to be blunt, but you'd think someone would have noticed a 184ft yacht.

      Now I'm not even going to get into your talk about massive paedophile rings, as until you can show me proof of the Podesta's being in Portugal, on the 3rd May 2007, proof that they stayed in Freud's villa, proof they arrived on a 184ft yacht nobody noticed, then your argument falls down dead right there.

      As for me basing my 'innocent theory', upon a freedom of information request. I suggest you re-read the blog, and note the links to the Portuguese police files.

      In fact show me a credible source for anything (other than a load of excitable idiots, who think research, is retweeting a meme on twitter), that links the Podestas, to Madeleine McCann.

      I won't wait up.