Thursday, 14 April 2016

Dear haters of the fund for Amaral.

Do we really need to go here? We've run the question over and over in our heads for some time now, but hey, if it shows up the deviousness, and blatant stupidity of those who seek to cause trouble, then hell yes, we're up for that challenge.

Let's be honest here, the following list of names leaves one with an urge to cleanse the fingertips, after tapping the letters to their names on the beautiful lily white pages of our blog; David Steel, Robert Guest, ...urghh, I can type no more. Instead let us pop a few adjectives up to describe these aforementioned characters: Disruptive, meddlesome, desperate, lonely, sad, interfering, jealous, cruel, childish, cowardly...should we continue? Ok, maybe just a few more; perverse, untrustworthy, underhanded, duplicitous... We could be here all day, but let's discuss one of the reasons why these words fit so perfectly.

I am of course talking about the pathetic attempts of the people mentioned, to bring the PJGA fund, set up to provide money to pay for Goncalo Amaral's legal fees, into disrepute. Not only have these people attempted to damage the fund, they have also sought to damage the reputations of those involved.

PJGA, or Projecto Justica Goncalo Amaral 
started a fund in 2009 in order to assist Goncalo Amaral with legal costs in what would prove to be a long running series of court cases, between himself, and the claimants, Kate and Gerry McCann.

For those who are unaware, the PJGA consist of a small, tightly knit, group of close friends to Snr Amaral. Not only have they helped raise money to aid Goncalo Amaral, they have also helped support him on a personal level. Goncalo Amaral has had to endure attacks and smears from the press, the McCanns and their vehement supporters for years, it goes without saying that his friends have more than proved their worth to him over these testing times. 

Following Goncalo Amaral's loss to the McCanns in 2015 it became apparent that a costly appeal would be the next option for Goncalo, should he wish to clear his name.

It was at this point, April 29 2015, and after discussions with the PJGA, that a young lady with a big heart stepped forward, and despite many warning her of their concerns for her safety and well being, decided to go ahead and front a gofundme campaign that hoped to raise the figure necessary to aid Snr Amaral's legal fees. That young lady was Leanne Baulch, and she deserves full credit for doing what many would have backed away from. Leanne endured some of the most grotesque attacks from fellow human beings, people who should hang their heads in shame, though of course they won't.

With the backing of thousands of people, outraged at the result of the court case, the fund progressed to exceed all expectations. Money poured in from all corners of the globe. Not only would the money assist Goncalo Amaral, but it's momentum also buoyed his supporters.

Of course, as expected, along with the success came a darker side. A very small number of spiteful people set out to bring down the fund. Donations were made, then withdrawn in an attempt to close the fund altogether. That tactic worked momentarily. Gofundme froze the campaign, and investigated it's authenticity fully. Investigation complete, and finding no misdemeanours whatsoever, the fund was back, up, running, and gathering pace.

After that came persistent, public questions, from one person, as to how the fund operated. The questions were answered, but either the person asking had a severely bad memory due to perhaps, a drink habit, maybe was innately stupid, got off on bullying and intimidating, didn't want the fund to succeed, or perhaps all of those things. Had the pathetic little man really cared for the truth, he could have done his own research. Thus:

The following facts were gained using information easily available to everybody on the internet. Why even the village idiot could find the answers out, if of course, it was answers they sought. In fact it was whilst discussing a village idiot, we came up with this simple idea. We shall call our village idiot Dave.

Hi Dave.

Yep that's right Dave is totally and utterly wrong. How do we know this? Simple. You see Dave, old buddy, old pal. This is how gofundme work. Pay very close attention, we shall say this only once. 

Simple enough for you? Bullet points needed? Ok.

  • Leanne set up a gofundme account giving the PJGAs Portuguese bank account details.
  • People donated to the fund.
  • All monies sent, went to a Stripe account.
  • Every 7 days, the Stripe account sends money to the nominated account ie. the PJGAs.
  • Money was continually sent on a rolling basis.
Still not satisfied?

Still believe that a UK bank account was used?

Oh good, we love showing you up.

Here are some more graphics, proving beyond any doubt, that sending money direct to Portugal, via Stripe, and with no UK account, is very simple. Oh, and keep reading, because at the bottom will be a link to the PJGA website, confirming all that you are being told. Oh btw, you spilt a bit on your bib, I'll just pop that back on the spoon for wide...

You see that country in the little red box. That says Portugal. Oh and the page we found it on, check out the URL, it says; You can click it if you want, and check yourself. Go ahead, try it...

Next spoonful?

Here we have a screenshot taken from the following page
Again, you can click on that and check, if you wish.

What this screenshot shows, is that as explained in bullet points 4 and 5, the money is sent from the Stripe account, on a rolling 7 day basis. Sorry to disappoint you, but no hands are, would, or indeed could touch the money.

Train goes into the...station.


Here we have another picture for you to look at. Exciting! This one proves once again, that Stripe is supported in Portugal. See the red writing, see the red lines...chooo chooo!

Car goes into the...garage!

Now this little gem above, shows all the currencies that the UK Stripe account can accept. The clever thing. Vrooom!

One more mouthful? How about a little bit of drop down box pie. 

There's a good lad. So now you can see that there was really no need whatsoever for Leanne, or anybody to have had a UK bank account, or a signatory bank account, or indeed a piggy bank. People simply donated, and after seven days, the money went straight to Portugal, without touching a single British hand. I know, it's quite something.

Oh, but you want pudding? You'll get chubby dear heart.

So Dave, we've proved to you that money can be sent direct from Stripe (the merchant used by gofundme), to Portugal. You're not just having that though are you? Noooo. You're a big bad troll, yes you are, and you want more proof it went straight to Portugal. Well ok, but we really are spoiling you...

Get your pinky out and trace the following words; taken directly from the PJGAs own website.

"Dear friends,

Just a short note to clarify that donations that have been received via the GoFundMe page which was set up by Leanne Baulch have been received directly - and continue to be received directly - into the BPI bank account that Projecto Justiça Gonçalo Amaral has used since 2009 to channel support towards Mr Amaral's defence costs."

That there isn't just evidence Dave, it's an all singing, all dancing, cotton picking confession, yes siree!

We just threw this one in for fun Davey boy. The appeal is still ongoing, why should you see the bank records? Do you see the McCanns bank records? You see their end of year accounts, but that's because your buddies "fund" is a Ltd. company, and are bound by law to show their books. Do you honestly think they'd show their expenditure if they didn't have to? The PJGA have promised, that once all legal fees are paid for, that any left over money will be given to children's charities. Charities, and children that could well suffer because of your attention seeking antics.

Why the hell should the PJGA reveal how much Goncalo Amaral's legal fees are, at this stage, if at all?

Oh, before we sign off, you will, no doubt be wanting proof of one more thing. That the money that is sent to the PJGA will actually be used for Goncalo Amaral's legal fees. Well, I suggest you click on the following link and scroll down to April 2015, then steadily work your way to the present day. Read, learn, and educate yourself. Take in the many updates from the PJGA, from Goncalo Amaral himself, and if you're still not satisfied, ask yourself this:

If this fund had been in any way untoward, and with reports of it all over the papers, not only in this country, but Portugal too. Do you not think Goncalo Amaral would have asked where the money was?

If you have any further questions, you could try feeding yourself, after all, you're a erm, well, you're a big boy now, aren't you?

Fees, and other questions answered right here, go ahead Dave, give it a click

All of the above, you could have researched yourself. Give it up Dave, stop being a dick, make some real friends, get out in the real world..."Choose Life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a fucking big television, choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players and electrical tin openers. Choose good health, low cholesterol, and dental insurance. Choose fixed interest mortage repayments. Choose a starter home. Choose your friends. Choose leisurewear and matching luggage. Choose a three-piece suite on hire purchase in a range of fucking fabrics. Choose DIY and wondering who the fuck you are on a Sunday morning. Choose sitting on that couch watching mind-numbing, spirit-crushing game shows, stuffing fucking junk food into your mouth. Choose rotting away at the end of it all, pishing your last in a miserable home, nothing more than an embarrassment to the selfish, fucked up brats you spawned to replace yourself. Choose your future. Choose life." John Hodge.

There's a world beyond the internet, holidays that aren't simply google images, real people with real lives, the ones you choose to try and destroy. Sort it out, or forever be known as that, lonely, sad dick from twitter...

Disclaimer. The character "Dave" is a generalisation of those who seek to cause unrest, and harm to the fund, and the people involved therein. Any resemblance to real life persons is purely coincidental. 


  1. As always this is excellent ,hope they take heed ,but doubt they will,as you so rightly say its time "Dave"walked away from the # he uses to post porn that was intended for a child and got a real life

    1. Thank you itsmeagain. Hope you are well, unlike the strange people who choose to live their seedy existences in a twitter fantasy world.

  2. Applause!!! And thank you. Sadly though i fear that the only thing that will shut 'Dave' up is irrefutable proof that Madeleine died and that her parents covered it up and pretended that she had been abducted. Great post x

    1. Thank you Lesly, the "Daves" are already up in arms about this blog. Claiming it isn't fact. I think they must be allergic to clicking on the links contained within the blog. Still, "Daves" don't like facts. #DontBeLikeDave :) x

  3. Was it 5 grand gofundme made from this appeal?

    1. There is a link to the fees applied within the blog. Whatever gofundme charged, (a small percentage) it was clearly worth it, just over 50k raised eclipsed any expected figure. Using gofundme was a sensible option, as it meant that the organiser could never be realistically accused of handling any money.

  4. Hi Laid bare blog. I fully support Sr Amaral and his quest for the truth to be told. I wasn't sure how go fund me and banking all works. It's nice to see it all laid out so clearly with tons of info. Not that I doubted for one second there was something underhanded going on. Dave must be really thick not to get this well laid out explanation about what happens after donations are made. Thanks Laid bare for a very clear and accurate account. X

    1. Hi Kath, thank you for your comment. Those who still seek to attack the fund now just look like the idiots they are. Will post the reply from David Steel in the comments below. He has the nerve to suggest our writing is bad. As Walkercan would say, "TOO FUNNY" x

  5. Never before have i been subjected to the filth that the depraved Dave splatters all over the McCann tag. This 'thing' has spouted bile and produced porn to others that are genuinely seeking justice for Maddie. Leanne Baulch deserves major credit for the setting up of the fund. She knew the risks involved but her heart was in her hands when she set that fund up, and what a huge success it was too. I'm sure if Goncalo Amaral hadn't have called time saying he had sufficient funds, we'd all still be throwing money at him left right and centre. Such a humble man he is too, the McCanns could learn a thing or two from him. That aside, if you're reading this Leanne, you did a grand job and we're all extremely proud of you. It's such a crying shame that yet another decent human being has succumbed to the might of the McCann clan. I'm sure Goncalo will win his appeal it's such a shame that you won't be able to join in the celebrations with us, though if you decide to, you'll have all of us watching your back. As for Dave he's only made himself out to look the idiot he really is. Let's hope he learns from this though sadly i don't think he ever will.

  6. So David Steel has replied via a twit longer. Let's look at his superbly put together piece here:

    "A funny blog from chav-scoat & Grotbags ... Aka "The Thompson Twins" lol.

    All that time & effort into me and yet again the very basic of questions unanswered. Questions which should take a tenth of the time of that crap blog to answer.

    They could have just shown the 'outbound' transaction screenshots leaving the GFM.

    If the 'Thompson twins' have nothing to do with the GFM appeal, why are they going to so much trouble to write shit blogs of which they either can't answer and haven't answered (as well as childishly name call people) ?

    It actually just highlights the inability to answer the very basic questions even more. This inability to answer the basic transaction processes is indeed 'dodgy' in my eyes. NB, note I say the inability to show transactions is 'dodgy' not the fund itself. We have no idea if the fund is dodgy or not.

    The fact that Benjamin Arthur Thompson is involved in the Go Fund Me is also a concern. I was guaranteed at the very start that Benjamin Arthur, would NOT be involved. It would seem at the very least he is the spokesperson for the GFM Amaral appeal - much scarey thought is he had direct involvement. So Benjamin's involvement in the GFM is AGAINST what we were all told when the fund started.

    I will repeat the very basic questions:-

    1) Can we see the screenshots of the 'Outbound' transaction(s) ( Date, time and amount ) ?

    2) Can we see screenshots of the fees?

    Simples. Now I must toddle off, I have a meeting with a race horse trainer."


    Well, "much scarey (sic) thought" I wonder if David could put that into English for those of us who are sober.

    1. David wishes to see the transactions. Having no involvement in the fund, neither myself or Syn could make that call, but as explained in the blog, he has no right to see the transactions. Why he tweets about it is beyond me, he should contact the PJGA.

    Gofundme was continually updated, with the figure raised, as already confirmed by the PJGA, that money was received into the bank account they nominated, the same one they have used since 2009. What would a screenshot prove. The screenshots of South Africa don't prove he ever left home. He just looks more foolish by the day.

    2. David wishes to see the fees. David should read the blog, the link to fees applied is right there.

    3. Why did myself and Syn decide to write this blog. That should be obvious, to show people like Steel up, for the infernally stupid, meddlesome stalkers that they are...and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

    4. David thinks this blog proves that the authors have an involvement in the fund. Wrong David, how we found out the answers, was clearly explained. I'm not sure it could have been made any more simple for him.

    5. David attempts a bit of comedy. Don't give up your day job David. By day job, I mean sitting on your sofa, drinking yourself stupid, and having no life.

  7. Dave knows the PJGA fund is kosher, Dave is a troll.

  8. Dave like the other dodgy Dave's of this world like nothing better than to see their scribblings all over the internet. Dave should go sit quietly in the corner and let us all get on with seeking truth and justice for Madeleine.

  9. Oh I see champagne more like newkie Brown ale Dave is off on one of his ramblings on twitter.
    Best thing to do is to ignore him.

  10. You're probably right,except for the Newcastle Brown...way too sophisticated for #DodgyDave. Night.

  11. Dave doesn't seem to be able to grasp the very easy to grasp concept behind crowdfunding/Gofundme.

    At first I believed he was being intentionally stupid, but after reading his reply I genuinely believe he is a full on nut case. At this point I'd suggest to whoever looks after Dave to monitor his internet usage or stop it altogether. Sadly, sometimes in life there exist people who are just too stupid for the internet & Dave meets all the known criteria of being one of those rare people.

    I wish Dave and his carers all the best in their endeavours to get Dave mentally better...#2stupidfortwitter

    1. Couldn't agree more SimmoA. Dave is an idiotic buffoon, people in all walks of life can see this. When Dave walks down the street, children and adults alike can be heard saying to one and other; "there goes Dave #Don'tBeLikeDave"

  12. Red faced baboon29 January 2018 at 10:30

    Only just caught up with this post after reading Blaze's excellent debut. Didn't think I could feel more sorry for fantasist Dave till he posted up pictures of a genuine solo holiday on the costa cheapo which he pretended was Dubai. Cue loads of pictures of him on his lonesome apart from the one shot where he paid the barman to have a drink with him. Tragic twat.