Friday, 18 March 2016

Run, run, as fast as McCann.

In August 2007, Gerry felt, (and he wasn't wrong) that there had been a shift in opinion regarding how people viewed the "abduction" theory.
In an interview for BBC Radio 4, on the 10th August 2007, shortly before being made arguido, Gerry McCann stated that:

"I want to see evidence which has caused their shift because it's so important to us as parents that if there is evidence, we need to know about it."

He went on to say;

"There's definitely been a shift. They haven't said that she's dead, on multiple occasions they (said they) believed they were looking for a missing child, but there's been a shift."

"It's incredibly difficult when people are implying that your daughter's dead and that you may have been involved in it."

Well Gerry you were shown that evidence and you weren't interested one jot! When interviewed by the PJ only day's after the above quotes, Gerry was shown video footage of the dogs findings. These findings clearly indicated that somebody had died in apartment 5a? Was Gerry interested? Anything but, he didn't even look at the screen.

When shown that the dogs findings also turned evidence up in the car he hired 25 days AFTER the loss of Madeleine, was he interested? Not on ya nelly!

So forgive me for saying this, but what I find incredibly difficult does not tally up with Gerry finds incredibly difficult. What I find incredibly difficult, is how Gerry McCann is roaming free on this planet The only care he has now, is whether or not the boy's in blue will be over sometime soon to arrest him for various crimes; fraud, conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, conspiracy to conceal a body, not to mention a charge implicating the couple for their part in the loss of their daughter.

From the moment Madeleine was reported missing, and the McCanns presented their charade around the world, they were quoted on several occasions saying that they would NOT leave Portugal without her.

So if that was the case, why did Kate state in her book titled "madeleine" that;

"Gerry was seriously considering sneaking us into a car and driving us all across the border to Spain"

Why the day after being made arguidos, did Gerry make contact with leading extradition lawyers, Michael Caplan QC and Angus McBride, who work for London legal firm Kingsley Napley?

Michael Caplan QC, is an extradition expert, and in 1999, when Spain attempted to extradite General Pinochet for crimes against humanity, it was Caplan who came to the General's aid. Those crimes included an estimated 28,000 people being tortured in detention centres during Pinochet's rule of Chile between the years of 1973 and 1990.

Not a bad contact to have, for two doctors who seemingly couldn't be bothered to pay out a few measly Euros for a babysitter for their children.

Indeed it was Kingsley Napley that negotiated a deal, on behalf of the McCanns, to get the parents suspected of covering up the death of their own daughter, out of the country.

Don't forget, this was during the same week Kate McCann refused to answer any questions during an interview on the 7th September 2007, and by Kate's own admission, discussed fleeing the country by car. D
espite her saying in late July 2007;

"I'm not going home without Madeleine."

Two days after Kate's famous no comment interview, 9th September 2007, and the McCanns have hot tailed it back to England, and are Gerry McCann is lying to the press at East Midlands airport:
"Today Kate, Sean, Amelie and I have returned home, as we planned a while ago
We are returning to Britain after careful thought.
We want the twins, as much as is reasonably possible, to live an ordinary life in their home country, and want to consider the events of the last few days, which have been so deeply disturbing.
While we are returning to the UK, it does not mean we are giving up our search for Madeleine."
Planned it a while ago? Two days ago Gerry was planning to go on the run, and smuggle his family across the border to Spain. It's right there in Kate's book. How anybody can stand by these two liars is beyond comprehension.

Can I have a show of hands from those who believe any of the above was, "fully co-operating with he investigation" please?

Anybody? Nobody? Put your hands down Kate, Gerry, Clarence and your lying supporters from twitter; your vote, like your word, counts for nothing.


  1. KARMA IS SWEET..they will get their just desserts, wait and see!!

  2. Kingsley Napley also represented Lord Janner when Frank Beck pointed the finger at him.

  3. No ambiguity here. You might find this little item of relevance:

    The Lie of the Land (18.7.2012 -scroll down here):

    My hands are securely in my pockets.

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  5. " of the last few days, which have been so deeply disturbing."

    You bet! More disturbing even than those a few months earlier when their child was supposedly abducted.