Monday, 22 February 2016

Sonia Poulton's diary; The Untold Story of Madeleine McCann.

As many people know, Sonia Poulton has been working on a documentary that will look at the case of Madeleine McCann, who was reported missing by her parents, Kate and Gerry, in May 2007. This evening Sonia has released a diary, that she has kept since October 2014. Having spoken at great length to Sonia about the documentary, I can fully vouch for the diary being a truthful and honest account of the progress, and the obstacles that both she, and the documentary have encountered.

In the diary, Sonia discusses some of her thoughts on the sad, and untimely death of Brenda Leyland; touches upon some of the more vocal and nasty people who have done all they can to attack her; discusses financial difficulties the documentary encountered; as well as the struggle to find the perfect people to make the documentary all it can be.

What is clear, and I have said it many times, is that Sonia is an honest and caring lady, and one I have complete trust in. A lady whom, despite countless attacks and smears from both sides of the fence, has never given up on this documentary being the best it can possibly be.

As we saw this weekend from Katie Hopkins' article, which despite not being 100% accurate, got a vast amount of people reading the files for themselves, there are still a huge amount of people unaware of the facts.

I personally believe that when Sonia's documentary is released, and is seen to be the first absolutely accurate production we have viewed, it will bring much needed attention to the case, the files, and in turn the truth.

Click here to read the diary.


  1. I'm afraid I don't share your views concerning this documentary, which has now been nearly two years in the making and not showing.
    I recall that Ms P tweeted repeatedly that she was going to astound us by revealing an anti who was really a pro. Could not see then how that was going to help and can't see it now. Also that she'd spoken to Clarence. That's nothing new, people (antis) have had contact with him long before this and have correspondence to prove it.

    This diary is the last straw, so like another diary which - like this one - is not at all about a lost child but all about the writer and the agonies she endures. That particular diary was rather lucrative. Surely we're not being prepared to start crowdfunding Ms. P's efforts since she appears to be unable to fund a flight to put her in touch with one possibly interested person.

    I am fed to the back teeth with people using a dead child and a suicide as a vehicle for their own ambitions.
    There are way too many of these now and they're no better than the perpetrators of this crime in the first place. It isn't about Maddie or Brenda at all, this diary sings the same song Kate did. It is all about SP, it never was about Maddie.

    1. Hi Tigger. Sonia isn't using Madeleine as a "vehicle for her own ambitions" as you put it. If anything, the documentary has done her career more harm than good; especially with the likes of Tony Bennett attacking her every step of the way. One has to ask why he would do that, and of course why he lies through his teeth. In fact, I think an interesting subject to discuss, would be why Tony is still commenting on the case, when a court ruled he was not to do so? I would also question why he seems intent on pushing myth after myth, and why he seems hell bent on destroying anyone who fights for the truth. Bennett's "research" on the case led to a great deal of misinformation being in the Richard D Hall videos. I, and many others question his motives in this case. He spends his time spamming FOI's that he knows fine well won't be answered, organising pointless petitions, and rounding up as many people as possible to attack others. Perhaps that is a subject for another blog though. I can't help but feel that Sonia should be supported, not rounded upon by Bennett and his odd behaviour. Thankfully, most people do support her, and rightly so.

  2. I wish I had the investigative ability of Sonia Poulton. Keep at it Sonia, one day these fools will see you were right.

  3. Good on you Sonia go get em girl.