Friday, 10 April 2015

Robert Guest (Nick Townsend) - Multi ID'd troll

Meet the face behind a multitude of trolling ID's, this man will be known to those of you who follow the Madeleine McCann case online, as Robert D Guest, although he is currently using the name Richard David, the self proclaimed expert on everything McCann related. Take a look at his face, do you recognise this man? What I am about to tell you will leave you in no doubt, this man needs identifying and questioning by police. Please share this to your facebook walls, and your twitter accounts. 

For the purpose of this post, we will refer to the above man as Robert Guest, the first ID he used that was spotted as a shameless liar. I say first as Robert has used more ID's than James Bond, as you can see from his picture, the comparisons end right there. Other ID's that Robert has used are as follows:

Claudia Sores

Julia Clarke
Josh Bradley
Prateek Varshney
Richard David
Robyn White

Francis Williams
James Stanton
Graham Richard

So where to start with this list, let us begin with Prateek Varshney, using this ID, Robert portrayed himself as a disabled Asian man, confined to a wheelchair. He used this lie to worm his way out of confrontation, attacking others with venom, but using his fake disability to portray those who retaliated, as discriminatory scum, thus shutting down anyone who challenged what he was doing.

Robert also pulled the same stunt with another ID, Francis Williams. He claimed that the person whose picture he had used on this profile was in fact the imaginary Williams disabled son. Appalling behaviour. 

However the disturbing behaviour doesn't stop there, not content with making up fake disabilities, Robert also likes to have conversations with himself in groups. The screenshot to the left was taken from a group Robert has admin'd on under several guises, here we see the Williams ID having a pop at Pam Gurney (more on her later), and his other ID, (Richard David) questioning himself. Confused yet? The man must be positively puddled. 

The troll who trolls his own. Speaking of which it gives us great pleasure to present a truly marvellous thread to you, something that will have the genuine abduction believers holding their heads in their hands. What you are about to view is another post by the Francis Williams ID, only this time he is posing as an anti, he abuses the McCanns, attacks the pros, and declares Madeleine McCann dead. Something that has Gurney spitting feathers. It's a lengthy thread, but an important piece of the jigsaw:

we would love to know Pam Gurney's thoughts on the link above, as well as all the other pros Guest abused on the thread. What do they make of a man who uses the case of a missing little girl as his playground for fun. What do they make of the fact that their group leader Cass Sidebotham (real name Kate Holt) was fully aware that Guest was using this sock account for nothing more than his own twisted pleasure. Holt herself has done the very same, but we'll discuss her in good time. 

Before we move on, let's have another look at the face of this trolling scumbag, a man, and I use the term very loosely, who uses the case of a missing girl to preen his ego whilst hiding behind fake personas.

"Handsome chap isn't he" said one sewer rat to another. 

Not content with trolling adults, this disgusting creature has also stalked children. In particular the child of one poster on the facebook groups, who has been dogged for several months by Guest's relentless smear campaign against him.  With no regard for the youngster's online or real-life safety, and in  fact with supercilious glee, he publicly revealed their age and relationship with the targeted poster, along with an astonishing tirade of abusive and defamatory slurs against both parent and child.  Ironically, Guest often uses the McCann twins as justification for his attacks on critics of their parents, yet proves himself to be utterly hypocritical with his completely unwarranted attack on an innocent youth with no connection whatsoever to the social media conversations around the McCann case.

By now you should be getting an impression of just how depraved this monster is, but we're not done, not by a long shot. Take a look at this screenshot, it's another example of the disgusting depths this man will descend to. We've protected the identity of the lady Guest addresses, she has a fantastic family, and a wonderful husband. She has been a target of Guest's for some time, and been subjected to abuse by him, but it seems the lowlife pictured above is becoming more sinister by the day:


Protected by what he thought was anonymity, child stalker Guest was responsible for some of the most evil, disrespectful and intentionally provocative comments about Brenda Leyland.

The tragic story of Mrs Leyland, and her final days recently unfolded during an inquest. It was ruled in court that Mrs Leyland committed suicide having been doorstepped by Martin Brunt, and Sky News, what followed was a harrowing smear campaign by the British media, who labelled Mrs Leyland a troll, amongst other unfounded and untrue accusations. It wasn't however, the press that spouted the worst of the abuse. It was a section of an on-line group of "pro McCanns" Guest wasn't going to miss this bandwagon for the world, in fact he would make sure he was at the forefront. Her we see him crowing about how great the dossier was that led to Mrs Leyland being doorstepped:

Now if you believe for one second that this simple minded parasite ever cast an eye over the dossier, then you're mistaken. He would love to see it, but truth of the matter is, not even the pros have any respect for this maladjusted moron. He's a social outcast, the foul on the sole of the shoe of humanity, desperately clinging onto grandiose beliefs that by stalking children, insulting the dead, pretending to be women, lying and trolling, it somehow elevates his pitiful life to the dizzy heights of being liked, and admired. No this post, and many others like it were written with the sole intention of provoking anger.