Thursday, 2 April 2015

Pamela "I'm not on twitter" Gurney

Ah yes, the obsessed and arguably deranged Pam Gurney. Supporter of convicted child killers, peddler of lies, specialist in stalking, racist nationalist, homophobic and steadfast sectarian. That's some set of social skills right there. Never before has there been a woman so blinded by her obsession of a family she has presumably never met, that she devotes every waking hour to defending them, and attacking anyone who doesn't believe the abduction story with everything including the kitchen sink. We saw in the last blog how Robert Guest totally played Pam for a fool, sucking her into his funfair for his own enjoyment, mocking her beliefs, and pressing every button within his grasp like a crazed dictator with a hangover. I have to wonder if Pam is aware of the fact she was so easily duped by the two people she holds in such high esteem. Kate Holt and Robert Guest have used the million dollar mouthpiece that is Gurney like a child with a toy, they have rolled around in hysterics at the gullibility of Pam, and oh how she made it so easy for them.

Despite her constant claims to the contrary, Pam was once a regular on twitter, posting vile abuse, hatred and derailing as many discussions about the McCanns as possible, until that is, Holt and Guest took over the reins of a small facebook group. The days of Pam tweeting her bile and hatred on the McCann hashtag became a thing of the past, as almost overnight she made the transition to facebook. The twitter accounts she had long been accused of using 15 hours a day, suddenly stopped tweeting, and as if by magic, at the same time she hit the ground running in a forum where she could lie, abuse and attack to her hearts content in the same way she did on twitter. Every waking hour, seven days a week.

Coincidence? There's no such thing, not when combined with the following syntax reports. Take a look at these comparisons, taken from the main accounts Pam used on twitter, and compared against her own facebook account:

Here's some comparisons to view as screen shots:

How about these two comparisons:



This next one is Pam at her disgusting worst, here she targets a cancer sufferer:

and also reveals another facebook account she used on facebook, "Melanie Matsers" , the Masters account was closed down by facebook for breaching facebook rules.

We've been treated to some bizarre claims from the woman some lovingly refer to as "The Gurnmonster", for instance, Pam states that she is party to details of Operation Grange's investigation, she even claimed to have been given the codename "Maria" by New Scotland Yard. "Cuckoo" These sort of comments are laughable, especially when combined with her "inside knowledge" that Madeleine is being held behind a high walled building in Morocco, by a wealthy Arab family who are looking after her, and that one day she will be returned to her loving parents. Let's hope they're not out on the razz, or they might take her away again.

It's not the Howling Mad Murdoch claims that we care about though, it's the disturbing threats, and Pam has made a cyber ton of them, including threats to Brenda Leyland, and targeted hatred to other users of social network sites. In Pam's own words:

Who indeed Pam, well now the readers are aware of some of your more sinister alter egos, let's look at the filth YOU tweeted to Brenda Leyland, both before, and after her death:

This is just a small selection of the many tweets Pam made only days after Brenda's death:

Despicable stuff eh! No surprise that the police said they were looking into the vile messages posted about Mrs Leyland, both before and after her tragic death. Pam seems to think she will be ok though, personally I wouldn't share that optimism if I was her, especially knowing that Guest and Holt would throw her under the bus at the first sign of trouble.


  1. She sounds a right nasty piece of work, among many others.

  2. Well , old Pam is just as vile as the lying child neglect mommy Kate McCann. Birds of a feather and all that.

  3. One wonders what Dr Synott will make of these people. Rather him than me!

  4. She has morphed into Gillian Trott. Really has not changed at all. We are still interested in the scam being run, and others that pop up from time to time

  5. Pamela Gurney is to me totally unbalanced!

  6. Pamela Gurney sounds like a very nasty piece of work,she is as bad as the lying McCanns

  7. Pamela Gurney is a nasty, deluded, moronic idiot. With her ‘Real Facts’ Facebook group that does nothing factual at all. Instead she and her various socks and perhaps two or three hangers on discuss what the ‘antis’ are saying and doing in their Facebook groups. That and hero worshipping her beloved McCanns. Also trying to insinuate that anyone that doesn’t believe the McCanns is a bad person or is a paedophile, disabled, has mental health issues, was abused as a child and/or various other things.
    Added to that she has an unhealthy obsession with trying to figure out who everyone is in real life! Accusing people of having multiple social media accounts in different names. Ironic really, especially when the fact that she herself has multiple social media accounts in a variety of names.
    Of course, there’s also the crystal divining, which is more than likely another falsehood. Although it wouldn’t come as a surprise if she is into crystals, of the meth variety. Bloody fruit loop.

  8. Pamela Gurney aka the biggest McCann fan ever.
    She should take up a hobby or something, maybe read a book?
    Instead of trolling various different ‘anti’ McCann Facebook groups to then go to her ‘Real Facts’.....I know!! group to tell her socks and the two or three hangers on how nasty all the people that don’t believe her beloved McCanns are. She’s been known to say that nonbelievers are... paedophiles, disabled, were abused as children, work for the PJ, were involved with the abduction, have mental health issues and various other ridiculous things.
    Pamela Gurney, friendly with known paedophile and McCann supporter Nigel Nessling has also defended the despicable predatory paedophile and necrophiliac Jimmy Saville. Saying that because he is now dead he can’t defend himself against the claims that people have made about him. Even saying that they are simply after money from his estate.
    This is totally uncalled for. Those poor victims deserve so much better than to have some deluded old bat that thinks she has the ‘gift’ and can use crystals to solve crimes. Perhaps she’s been smoking too many crystals (meth) the delusional cow that she is.